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Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket Review

Sweet Zzz Weighted Blanket Review

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Sweet Zzz has been bringing high quality natural products to the sleep industry for a good decade now, including a green mattress, bamboo sheets, latex pillows, a natural Tencel mattress protector and finally an organic weighted blanket.

Introduced in early 2018, the Sweet organic weighted blanket couldn’t come in a better time with the weighted blankets becoming more and more popular.

What is the Construction?

Most weighted blankets have similar builds but this one has two unique features that makes it very distinctive. First, it is an organic weighted blanket which is very rare, and second, it has a double sided cover.

 The Cover


The blanket cover is fleecy organic cotton on one side for a cooler weather and smooth organic bamboo on the other side for a warmer weather. We tested sleeping on both sides of the blanket, and they are comfortable and snuggly.

 The Fill


For the fill, the Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket uses odorless glass beads instead of sand or any other inferior material. The glass beads are evenly distributed through the blanket in small square pockets to help with even weight distribution. 

We tried moving the glass beads around by shaking the blanket side ways to see if they shift, but they stayed in place which is great.


 A Quiet Design


Another great thing about this organic weighted blanket is that we never heard any noise from it. Both the fill and the two cover are quiet and noiseless.



This weighted blanket is well made overall. Organic bamboo on one side and organic cotton on the other with odorless and green glass beads inside makes it one of the best weighted blankets available today.

How Is the Feel and Comfort?


Very comfortable and relaxing is the middle name of this weighted blanket. For some reason when we were testing it, it simply didn’t feel as bulky as other weighted blankets even though it had the same weight. Maybe the fact that it feels cool even when I cover my face with it or the fact that the weight is distributed over a queen size (60 x 80) and not a small throw size.

The Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket offers what called “Deep Touch Pressure” or DTP which helps with insomnia, Stress, ADD, Anxiety, Restlessness, ADHD, and Autism.


 Does It Sleep Cool or Warm


One thing that I absolutely enjoyed about this weighted blanket is the fact that it is cooler than most blankets. Because weighted blankets have several layers and pockets to keep the glass beads in place, heat also gets tapped most of the time rendering most weighted blankets warm.

The Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket on the other hand stays fresh and cool during the night. I cover my face at time and still won’t feel warm. I did notice that when I use the fleecy side on a warmer day I get a little warm so I usually just sleep on the organic bamboo side.


Does the Weight Stay Evenly Distributed?


Yes, very much so. in fact, like I said earlier, we tried to shake the whole blanket side ways and the weight stayed nicely distributed. Though I personally don’t recommend you try doing the same as it is quite heavy and you might end up injuring your back.

Without proper weight distribution, the blanket will live out its usefulness in a matter of weeks and won’t be usable anymore but that is not the case here.

Also, we noticed that there were no glass beads leakage at all after using the blanket for a good week.


 How Durable Is It?


As mentioned in the last section, we tested the blanket for a week, and we didn’t see any leakage, damage, or weight shifting.

Though a week is not enough to judge a products quality, the simple touch and feel of this particular weighted blanket felt better than any other we tested.

Does It Have Any Unpleasant Odors?


When we first opened the package, we did smell a very miner “new product smell” that wasn’t bad and dissipated quickly. During testing and through that first night,

I never smelled any bad odors at all. That’s mainly because of the organic materials this weighted blanket is made of.


What Are the Available Weights? Which Is Right For You?

The Sweet Zzz Organic weighted blanket comes in one size which is queen (60 x 80) and two different weights which are 15lb and 20lb.

It is recommended to use a weighted blanket that is 8% to 12% of your weight. For example, those who are 120 lb to 180 lb could go with the 15 lb while those at 190 lb and above can go with the 20 lb.

Do keep in mind that the weight here is distributed on a queen size of 60 x 80 which means a throw size at 42 x 75 will feel heavier even at the same exact weight.

We noticed that throw sized weighted blankets feel heavier than queen sized and king size feels the lightest because of weight being distributed on a larger surface. Just keep this in mind when your new weighted blanket suddenly feels lighter than the last one you had.

Does It Have a Good Value? Is It Worth the Price?

Absolutely! This is the number recommend weighted blanket by our team because of the amazing price tag that it comes with. An organic product that has everything you need from a weighted blanket at a great price.

It is made of organic bamboo and cotton while still being cheaper than other polyester weighted blankets.

The Sweet Zzz organic weighted blanket is a great value without a doubt.

How Is the Company Reputation?


Sweet Zzz has being making bedding for quiet a while now with all their products rating high scores. Their customer service is very friendly, and we have tested many items from them and gave them high ratings.

We also returned a few of their products as customer to go through the experience of returning. Returns in general were fast and easy without them charging us a single fee.

As a company, Sweet Zzz is also a member of 1% For The planet so they are a health and environment conscious company.

 How Is the Return Policy And Sleep Trial?

Like explained before, we did the return as normal customers to see how they would treat us.

 When we first sent the return request email, we received an answer that same day form their customer service rep named Adam. 

He apologized for the weighted blanket not working out and then sent us a prepaid label which we used to ship the weighted blanket back for free. When they received the weighted blanket they gave us 100% refund.

Like with their latex mattress we had a very smooth and easy return process for their organic weighted blanket.

How Does the Warranty Work?


Pure and simple. If there are any manufacturers defects, then they will replace the weighted blanket for you. Like all warranties in bedding, the warranty only works for the original buyer and can only be used if the product was not damaged or abused by the customer.

The Sweet Zzz Organic Weighted Blanket is one of the best if not the best weighted blanket in the market right now. It offers the right amount of “deep touch pressure” while staying cool which is a rare thing for weighted blankets.

The fact that it is green and clean yet inexpensive and relaxing makes this weighted blanket a real affordable luxury.

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