Bedding Review

Sweet Zzz Topper VS Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Topper Comparison


Starting with construction, the Sweet Zzz Mattress Topper is built with a hypoallergenic down alternative fill encased in a natural cotton cover, ensuring plushness and breathability. Saatva, on the other hand, has crafted their topper using a 3″ layer of memory foam infused with cooling graphite. The material choices in both these toppers reflect a commitment to quality but cater to different sleep needs.


Comfort is a highly subjective parameter, and both these toppers bring distinct strengths to the table. The Sweet Zzz Topper mimics the soft, luxurious feel of high-end hotel bedding, offering a cloud-like sleeping surface. On the other hand, Saatva’s Graphite Memory Foam Topper provides the unique contouring comfort of memory foam, which molds to the body shape, relieving pressure points.

   Feel Change

Both the Sweet Zzz and Saatva toppers can drastically change your bed’s feel. The plushness of Sweet Zzz can turn a firm mattress into a softer, more inviting sleep surface. Meanwhile, Saatva’s graphite-infused memory foam layer can transform a regular mattress into a contouring, pressure-relieving sleep oasis. The choice between plushness and contouring will be primarily driven by individual sleep preferences.

  Cooling Capabilities

In terms of cooling, Sweet Zzz’s natural cotton cover and breathable down alternative fill work in sync to promote airflow and dissipate heat, making it an excellent option for hot sleepers. Saatva’s graphite infusion in its memory foam aims to combat the heat retention often associated with traditional memory foam. However, some sleepers may still find memory foam to be warmer than a down alternative fill. Therefore, Sweet Zzz might be a cooler option for those prone to overheating.


Sweet Zzz backs its topper with a 5-year warranty, indicating confidence in its product’s longevity. Saatva’s topper durability, while not explicitly mentioned, can be inferred from its use of high-quality memory foam. Nonetheless, in terms of material and warranty, Sweet Zzz appears to hold a slight advantage.


The Sweet Zzz Mattress Topper offers an excellent balance of quality, comfort, and cooling at a competitive price, representing strong value for money. While the Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Topper boasts of premium construction and advanced cooling technology, its higher price point may not fit everyone’s budget. Therefore, in terms of value, Sweet Zzz offers a more budget-friendly yet quality option.

When comparing the Sweet Zzz Mattress Topper and Saatva Graphite Memory Foam Mattress Topper, personal sleep preferences play a critical role. However, given its plush feel, superior cooling properties, strong durability, and reasonable pricing, Sweet Zzz stands out as a more universally appealing choice. The Saatva Topper, despite its premium construction and advanced cooling technology, is considerably pricier. Therefore, considering all factors, Sweet Zzz comes out as the superior choice in this comparison.