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Sweet Zzz Plant-based pillow Review

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Sweet Zzz Plant-based pillow Review

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With the rising need to become more eco-conscious, it’s important to find brands that align with this goal. Sweet Zzz is a leading eco-friendly bedding company that offers affordable luxury and natural bedding. 

On our quest to find good down alternative pillows, we found their plant-based pillow, and it’s an excellent eco-friendly option. Here is our review of the pillow.

What is the Construction?

The Pillow Cover: 

Sweet Zzz’s pillow shell is 100% natural cotton. It’s soft, crisp, and comfortable, making it an enjoyable pillow to sleep on. The cotton used is breathable and moisture-wicking. As such, it sleeps cool or warm, depending on the environment’s weather conditions. This pillow’s 100% natural cotton is grown without harmful chemicals and pesticides, rendering it a great eco-friendly option compared to synthetic ones. We also found the cover sturdy and durable. An essential feature because it means the pillow will last long. 

The Pillow Fill: 

Just as the name suggests, this pillow uses a plant-based filling. Sweet Zzz’s pillow is filled with soy fabric fiber, a natural plant-based down alternative filling. Soy fabric is an eco-friendly fabric produced from soybean hulls. As opposed to harvesting soybeans for its hulls, the hulls used to build soy fabrics come from the waste produced during soy-based food productions such as soy oil. This eco-friendly process means nothing goes to waste. Something that aligns well with the zero-waste lifestyle Sweet Zzz advocates for.

Soy has long continuous fibers that make it silky soft, earning it the name “vegetable cashmere” for its extreme softness. This feature makes it a well-aerated and plushy pillow filling. 

How Is the Feel and Comfort?

With a cover made from 100% natural cotton, the Sweet Zzz Plant Based pillow feels extra soft. It’s a very comfortable pillow to sleep on. The cotton cover ensures it sleeps cool. Cotton is a very breathable fabric and excellent at moisture wicking. Making this a fine cooling pillow.

The soy filling, also known as “vegetable cashmere”, offers a silky-soft feel. It is plush and airy, offering a similar comfortable sleeping experience like down pillows. The structure of soy fabric, like all plant-based fibers, is open-ended, allowing the pillow to sleep cooler. 

Though plushy, the pillow is supportive enough. It’s filled with denser fill in the middle for support and softer fill in the outer layers for comfort and plushness. Previous users have confirmed that the pillow is plush and has a good loft that is comfortable for most sleeping positions, especially side sleeping. The only drawback is the lack of a zipper on the pillow for adjusting the loft.

Does It Sleep Cool or Warm?

Sweet Zzz’s plant-based pillow cover is 100% natural cotton. The cotton is soft, lightweight, and breathable. It absorbs sweat and transmits heat away from the body, helping you sleep cool.

The soy fabric filling is highly breathable. The open-ended structure of the soy fibers allows for unrestricted airflow. This material is also highly absorbent and exceptional at moisture wicking. This two-factor cooling system makes the Sweet Zzz pillow a good pillow for cooling needs.

Soy fabric also has good warmth retention. Something that helps the Sweet Zzz pillow sleep warm and toasty during winter.

How Durable Is The Sweet Zzz Plant-based Pillow?

The cotton cover on this pillow is highly durable. Cotton is known to have very high tensile strength, especially when wet. The high tensile strength makes it very durable and less likely to be ripped or torn. The fact that cotton is 30% stronger when wet means it can endure more washes without getting damaged. 

Soy filling is usually not as durable as cotton but Sweet Zzz works around this by combining a durable cotton cover with the soy filling. Ensuring the pillow lasts. All in all, plant-based down alternative pillows usually last longer because all they need is a bit of fluffing, and the pillow is refreshed.

Does It Have Any Unpleasant Features like Bad Odor or Noise?

The use of all-natural materials on this pillow means it’s a green pillow, devoid of pungent odor. Most synthetic pillows, like memory foam pillows, come with odors because of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process. These kinds of smells are harmful and makeup one of the reasons Sweet Zzz decided to create green bedding.

On top of being odorless, this pillow also sleeps silently. A welcoming change, given that other natural pillows (for example, buckwheat pillow) trade silence for support. The cotton cover and the silky soy fabric filling are utterly silent and create a great surface to sleep on.

Does It Have a Good Value? Is It Worth the Price?

For a green pillow made with premium quality natural materials, Sweet Zzz’s plant-based pillow is value for money. The pillow has added perks such as free shipping and a 1year warranty. The company is known for its exceptional customer service and easy return process. We think for the pillow’s quality (which is also an OEKO TEX Class 1 certified), and the company’s level of service, the pillow is worth the price.

How Is the Return Policy and Sleep Trial?

The Sweet Zzz plant-based pillow comes with a 50-nigh trial without any fees. The company guarantees that if you do not absolutely love your plant-based pillow within the trial period. You can return it for a full refund. We were pleasantly surprised to learn that Sweet Zzz offers free return shipping. To return the pillow, all you need is to email their support team, and they will process the return right away. 

Given that you only need about 30 days to tell if the pillow is a right fit, we found the 50 days provided more than a sufficient trial period.

How Does the Warranty Work?

Over and above a 50-day trial, Sweet Zzz also offers a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers manufacturers’ defects and or faulty work. This means that if within a year, the pillow becomes defective outside normal wear and tear. Then the company will replace it at no extra cost. 

The warranty does not cover minor imperfections or wear and tear from typical use. The warranty only works for the original buyer and starts from the delivery.

Benefits Of The Sweet Zzz Plant-based Pillow?

  • Affordable

The average down pillow costs anywhere from $80 to over $200. This down-alternative option costs less than the starting price of an average down pillow and offers a down-like experience. The pillow is soft, plush, yet supportive, and a joy to sleep on. It’s constructed from quality plant materials that are more durable and easier to care for, making it last longer.  

  • Hypoallergenic

If you like the feel of down pillows but hate the allergies, then this plant-based down alternative pillow is a great alternative. Sweet Zzz’s plant-based pillow is antibacterial, vegan, and a healthier option in general. Soy’s ability to manage moisture helps it prevent bacteria from thriving on your pillow. It’s mold and dust mite resistant. Good news for people prone to allergens because there are fewer triggers. It is also easy to care for, making it a safer choice for those who suffer allergens.

  • Environmentally friendly

Sweet Zzz’s pillow is a plant-based pillow that features a 100% natural cotton cover with soy fiber filling. These materials are eco-friendly and sustainable. Soy fiber comes from the waste produced during the production of soy products. This process eliminates waste and supports the circular economy the world desperately needs to reverse the damage meted on the planet. 

The soybean plant is a renewable resource that biodegrades easily at the end of its life. Products made from this material will not end up in landfills. They are compostable at the end of their life. 

  • Cooling

Plushy pillows such as down are known to sleep hot. The advantage of using a plant-based down alternative is the superior cooling it provides. Sweet Zzz’s pillow offers this feature. The 100% natural cotton cover is highly breathable and moisture-wicking, ensuring you sleep cool. The filling also promotes the cooling function by acting as an absorbent material that provides a cool dry surface to sleep on.

  • Easy to care for

Nothing is more stressful than bedding that’s not easily washable. This pillow is easy to clean. It’s machine washable and dryable, saving you countless hours and the effort of handwashing and drying other pillow types.



Sweet Zzz’s plant-based pillow is an exceptional alternative to down and synthetic pillows. It’s an eco-friendly option, that is not only good for the environment. But also comfortable and supportive. The pillow’s cover is 100% natural cotton cover. It’s soft, comfortable, and sleeps cool. The soy fiber filling is silky soft, and dense at the same time, making for a plush pillow that is supportive. We recommend this pillow for any sleeping position and anyone looking for an affordable natural alternative to down pillows.