Bedding Review

Sweet Zzz Mattress Topper VS LUCID 4 Inch Mattress Topper Comparison


Starting with construction, both the Sweet Zzz Mattress Topper and the LUCID 4 Inch Mattress Topper showcase unique materials and designs. The Sweet Zzz Mattress Topper leverages high-quality, hypoallergenic down alternative fill, enveloped in a natural cotton cover, providing plush comfort. In contrast, the LUCID topper comes with a 4-inch profile, combining down-alternative fill and a 2-inch layer of gel memory foam. Both toppers utilize different construction techniques to cater to a variety of sleep preferences.


When it comes to comfort, the Sweet Zzz Topper has been designed to mimic the plush, luxurious bedding of high-end hotels, thereby offering a cloud-like sleep experience. In contrast, the LUCID Topper provides a more defined feel with its gel-infused memory foam layer, which contours to the body and offers pressure relief. Therefore, choosing between these two products will largely depend on individual comfort preferences.

  Feel Change

Both toppers can significantly alter the feel of a mattress. The Sweet Zzz’s down alternative fill adds a plush, cushiony surface, while LUCID’s gel memory foam layer contributes a more conforming feel. Depending on the existing mattress’s firmness and individual comfort preferences, the choice between a plush and a memory foam feel will guide the decision.

  Cooling Capabilities

In terms of cooling capabilities, Sweet Zzz’s natural cotton cover and breathable fill work together to promote airflow and wick away heat, making it a great choice for hot sleepers. The LUCID Topper, despite its gel-infusion designed to keep it cooler than traditional memory foam, may still retain heat due to its memory foam component. Given this aspect, hot sleepers might find the Sweet Zzz topper to be a cooler choice.


Sweet Zzz offers a 5-year warranty, a testament to their confidence in the topper’s durability. LUCID’s warranty information is not explicitly stated in the provided description, making it hard to compare on this factor. However, based on the material quality, Sweet Zzz seems to have an edge in the durability department.


When it comes to value, Sweet Zzz offers a high-quality product at a reasonable price, making it an excellent value for money. The LUCID Topper, while budget-friendly, may not offer the same degree of quality or comfort, especially for those who sleep hot or prefer a plush feel.

In the comparison between the Sweet Zzz Mattress Topper and the LUCID 4 Inch Mattress Topper, personal preferences will play a significant role. However, considering its plush feel, cooling properties, and fair price point, Sweet Zzz stands out as a more universally appealing choice. The LUCID Topper, with its unique combination of down-alternative and memory foam layers, caters to a specific niche of sleepers but may not offer the same quality or comfort as Sweet Zzz. Overall, Sweet Zzz provides a better combination of quality, comfort, cooling, and price, making it the superior choice in this comparison.