Bedding Review

Sweet Zzz Mattress Topper VS Lift by Amerisleep Mattress Topper Comparison


The Sweet Zzz and Lift by Amerisleep Mattress Toppers utilize different materials in their construction. Sweet Zzz employs a pure down alternative fill with a natural cotton cover, offering a hypoallergenic and breathable solution. The Amerisleep Topper, on the other hand, is composed of a 3-inch gel memory foam layer designed to enhance the softness of an existing mattress.


While both toppers increase the comfort of any mattress, their feel varies. Sweet Zzz’s down alternative mimics the plush comfort of down feathers without triggering allergies. On the other hand, Amerisleep’s gel memory foam topper incorporates its HIVE® technology to alleviate pressure points, providing targeted support. For some, this foam feel may not be as desirable as the fluffy, feather-like sensation of the Sweet Zzz.

  Feel Change

The Sweet Zzz Topper is fantastic at providing a noticeable upgrade to the feel of a mattress, offering a soft, luxurious touch. In contrast, Amerisleep’s memory foam topper significantly alters the firmness level of the mattress and provides a more contoured sleep surface due to its memory foam construction.

  Cooling Capabilities

Both toppers have cooling properties, but Sweet Zzz’s natural cotton cover and down alternative fill promote better air circulation, potentially offering superior cooling for hot sleepers. Amerisleep incorporates gel-infused memory foam, which is known for its cooling properties, but it might not compete with the breathable design of the Sweet Zzz topper.


Both the Sweet Zzz and Amerisleep Toppers boast high-quality construction that promises durability. However, Sweet Zzz pulls ahead with its 5-year warranty, suggesting a longer lifespan and more value over time.


While both toppers provide comfort enhancements, the Sweet Zzz Topper is the clear winner in terms of value for money. Despite its high-quality construction and premium comfort, Amerisleep’s Topper comes with a higher price tag that may not be justified for all shoppers, especially given the comparable features and superior warranty offered by Sweet Zzz.

The Sweet Zzz and Lift by Amerisleep Mattress Toppers are both commendable additions to any bed. However, considering its affordability, cooling capabilities, and superior feel, Sweet Zzz offers a more appealing overall package. The Amerisleep Topper’s targeted pressure relief and memory foam construction could be desirable for some, but the added cost may not be worthwhile for all, especially when compared to the value offered by Sweet Zzz.