Bedding Review

Sweet Zzz Mattress Topper VS Layla Memory Foam Topper Comparison


Sweet Zzz and Layla mattress toppers have distinct material compositions. The Sweet Zzz Topper features a down alternative fill enveloped in a natural cotton cover, providing a luxurious, hypoallergenic solution. The Layla Topper is built from copper-infused memory foam, offering unique properties like anti-inflammatory benefits and added contouring.


In terms of comfort, Sweet Zzz and Layla toppers offer two different experiences. Sweet Zzz mimics high-end hotel bedding’s softness and plushness, while Layla’s memory foam provides a denser, more conforming comfort that is excellent for those with back pain or who prefer a more contoured feel.

  Feel Change

Both toppers significantly alter the feel of a mattress. The Sweet Zzz Topper adds a plush, luxurious touch, while Layla’s Topper contributes a memory foam comfort, known for reducing pressure points and providing excellent spinal alignment.

  Cooling Capabilities

Sweet Zzz’s natural cotton cover and breathable down alternative fill promote air circulation, offering superior cooling capabilities. Layla Topper, while infused with copper for heat regulation, is still made of memory foam, a material known for heat retention. Therefore, Sweet Zzz may provide a cooler sleep experience.


Both toppers are durable, made from high-quality materials. However, Sweet Zzz’s 5-year warranty suggests a better level of confidence in the product’s long-term durability compared to Layla’s unspecified warranty.


Sweet Zzz offers high quality, comfort, and cooling capabilities at a competitive price, making it an excellent value. Although the Layla Topper has its unique benefits, such as the copper-infused memory foam, its higher price tag might not justify these benefits for all sleepers, especially given Sweet Zzz’s comparable features at a more affordable cost.

While both the Sweet Zzz and Layla Mattress Toppers have their individual strengths, the Sweet Zzz Topper edges out due to its affordability, superior cooling capabilities, and plush comfort. Although the Layla Topper’s copper-infused memory foam is unique, the higher price point may deter shoppers looking for value for their money.