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Sweet Zzz Honey Hybrid Medium Soft Mattress Review

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Honey Hybrid is a 13-inch organic latex hybrid mattress with a unique design that uses both coils and latex to achieve a nice balanced between comfort and support.

This combination produced a beautifully made mattress with firm support and the right amount of contouring.

It’s made by a Carbon Neutral Certified company, Sweet Zzz and they have been in the organic bedding market for a while. The Honey Hybrid is yet another one of their nice inventions that mixes design with sustainability. 

Still, did it meet our team’s high expectations? Let’s find out.

NOTE: We bought and tested the Honey Hybrid mattress. This is not a paid review.

1- What is the Construction?

 100% Organic Certified Cotton


The first layer in the Honey Hybrid is a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Quilted Cover. In addition to looks, the organic cotton provides for a sumptuously soft and smooth touch. During our test we felt that this cover truly complements the mattress by staying cool and dry all the time. This is especially good for hot sleeper that don’t want to deal with polyester covers.

 100% Organic Certified Wool


Next is a thin layer of GOTS Certified Organic New Zealand Calmera® Wool that both enhances the feel and cooling of the mattress as well as acts as a fire barrier. So many mattresses out there apply natural materials only to use chemical fire retardants. The Honey Hybrid however uses wool to go around fire laws and the need to use chemicals.  

The wool in between the top organic cotton layer and the lower comfort layers and acts as a natural fire barrier. The body of the mattress is further strengthened by 1-inch thick organic cotton and wool. 

Honey Hybrid’s construction is one of the most innovative designs we’ve seen so far.

  100% Organic Certified Dunlop Latex

The responsiveness of Dunlop makes the Honey Hybrid ideal for combination sleepers. We enjoyed a deep, quality sleep without any discomfort on shifting position on the bed. We really liked its uniform feel over the entire sleep surface.

 Micro Coils

Over 2000 micros coils are used on the top layer of the mattress right under the organic latex to provide a targeted pressure relief based on the sleeper.

The micro coils, as the name suggests, are very small and flexible, but there is a lot of them. This makes sure that each sleeper is getting the exact comfort and pressure relief on the right spot without pushing too hard on hips or shoulders. 

 Individually Encased Coils

The 1,584 individually encased coils form the support core of Honey Hybrid mattress. This layer is responsible for Honey Hybrid’s firm support. It is a sturdy foundation which gives Honey Hybrid structure and makes its edges reasonably strong.

The coils at the edge of the bed are firmer to make sure it accommodates sitting and eliminate the rolling out of bed feel. The 1,586 individually encased coils prevent excessive sinkage. This provides dependable deep compression support to heavier persons.

 100% Organic Cotton/Wool blend as Base

The final layer of the Honey Hybrid mattress is a dense layer of GOTS certified organic cotton/wool blend. It acts as a foundation for the coils not to harm the used foundations under it. Its also holds the entire mattress layer together to prevent shifting or coil movement and displacement. 

2- How Is the Support and Comfort of the Honey Hybrid?

Though the Honey Hybrid has 6 layers, we can confidently say it has 2 major parts. The first part is the comfort layers and those are the organic cotton, organic wool, organic Dunlop latex, and the micro coils. 

The comfort layer of the Honey Hybrid did an amazing job providing comfort for our side sleepers and back sleepers alike. Our team consists of a lightweight side sleeper (me), a heavy back sleeper and a heavy stomach sleeper. All 3 also switch positions during sleep and all 3 were very comfortable on this mattress. That’s because of the targeted comfort system in place.  

Next you have the support layer which is made of the individually wrapped coils and the organic cotton/wool base. This part simply makes sure all sleepers get the needed support regardless of weight. It also works on isolation motion and partner disturbance. Heavier partners won’t create a sink hole for lighter ones because there are over 1500 individually wrapped coils that respond separately. 

 3- Does the Honey Hybrid Mattress Sleep Cool?

Yes, the Honey Hybrid sleeps cool for several reasons:

1- Temperature Regulating Wool and Cotton 

First, thanks to the featured GOTS certified wool and cotton in the quilted cover the bed has an amazing ability to regulate temperature. The wool transfers heat and moisture along every fiber and releases it into the environment to keep you cooler and drier. In both cold and hot weather, organic wool is handy because it adapts to your body temperature. During hot weather, it cools you and during cold weather, it warms you. Wool is also antiallergenic, flexible and very durable. This organic cotton and wool cover also increases total sleep time, promotes sleep onset and improves sleep efficiency.

2- Open Cell GOLS Certified Dunlop Latex

The organic Dunlop latex has 50% larger cells and provide a breathable and cooler sleep. Our team did the testing for breathability and coolness there was no overheating nor sweating of any kind.

3- Air Circulation through the Dual Coil System 

There are a lot of coils in this bed and both the individual coils and the Micro coils are wrapped in pockets made with holes to allow better breathability. Hybrids in general are cool, but the Honey Hybrid takes that to another level. 

4- It is Non-toxic & Natural

Besides sleeping cool, the Honey Hybrid earns its reputation as a sustainable, best non-toxic mattress because of the way it’s uniquely constructed. Honey Hybrid mattress belong to a healthy line of bedding where chemical adhesives or toxic chemicals are banned in the manufacturing.

You can tell the difference when you first receive the Honey Hybrid mattress. Unlike lower-quality latex mattresses, this mattress doesn’t off-gas and fill the house with unpleasant odors. Your sleeping environment is healthy, free from toxic chemicals. This is especially important if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems.

This gives the mattress the ability to provide a cooler, more breathable sleep while staying toxic free and healthy. This also eliminates the bad odors that most traditional mattresses come with and offers an allergy-free sleep.

 4- How Is the Edge Support of The Honey Hybrid?

This latex mattress has no edge support foam to avoid used any polyurethane or toxic chemicals. The edge however does use thicker gauge coils to allow a firmer edge support.

Honey Hybrid mattress provides you with the ability to sleep on 100% of the surface. Though you won’t feel like you are rolling out but sitting on the edge for heavy people won’t be as satisfying due to the lack of polyurethane edge foams. But this shouldn’t be a serious issue as the mattress is designed and ideal for sleeping not sitting.

5- Is There Motion Transfer for The Honey Hybrid?

Some but not noticeable. The high-quality Dunlop latex absorbs motion transferred between couples. This and the micro coils work together to isolate motion and give the mattress next to nothing in terms of motion transfer. The weight of the mattress has contributed to it being steady when getting in or out of bed; the mattress doesn’t move.

6- Is The Honey Hybrid Mattress Good for Sex?

Compared to memory foam mattresses, the Honey Hybrid bed is very responsive and bouncy. This makes the mattress a good choice for those looking for a bed that promotes romance. The 1,584 individually encased coils act as the firm foundation of the mattress so that different people with different weights, shapes, and sizes feel well supported without sinking in too much. 

Best Durability For Active Couples

This mattress is constructed well so it lasts longer despite sex activity which is known to reduce the longevity of a mattress. It’s also warrantied well. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty offered to the original buyer of the product. 

7- How Firm Is the Honey Hybrid?

In selecting a mattress of your choice, you want to select one that provides you with the best night’s sleep possible and firmness plays a big role in that.

The Honey Hybrid Firmness:

Honey Hybrid Medium-Soft has a firmness rating of 5.5 to 6.5. It has a firm support that keeps your back and neck aligned and is gentle to your hips, shoulders, and back. Also know that this mattress is available in 3 firmness levels.

Remember that firmness is mostly a matter of preference. Honey Hybrid’s latex and micro coils employed adapt to the shape of your body and stay firm yet responsive. This bed’s contouring augmented by the firm support make it ideal for Almost every sleeper. Even if you are overweight or you are of larger build, this mattress thickness and resilient design keeps you well supported. Your weight is distributed evenly, and this bed provides adequate deep Congressional support.

8- How Durable Is This Mattress?

The Honey Hybrid has passed the GLA testing. This test is machine made to test the mattress against a weight of 330 lbs. for 60,000 times. This is equivalent to a person over 300 pounds sleeping on the mattress for over 10 years. The mattress passed the test with flying colors. But how is so strong?

The 1,584 individually encased coils made of tempered American steel are held together with a layer of dense organic cotton/wool blend to make sure nothing moves. These two layers act as the firm foundation of the mattress so that different people with different weights, shapes and sizes feel well supported without sinking in too much. This promotes the product durability, making the mattress last longer even for heavier people sleeping on it or active couples are using it.

Also, the GOTS certified wool and cotton cover plus the GOLS certified Dunlop latex supplement the overall longevity and provides comfort and support unique to the Honey Hybrid mattress. The latex in this bed is one of the densest latex in the industry. Because of this, the manufacturer is confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty, and the mattress offers a good firm support. 

9- Where Is It Made?

The Honey Hybrid mattresses are proudly handmade in the U.S. Through the years Sweet Zzz has learned how to strike the perfect balance of comfort and support. Whether by the natural contouring of their latex or by the breathable and soft feel of their organic cotton, Sweet Zzz mattresses are built to precision, thanks to highest quality green and non-toxic materials used in them.
Being made in the U.S. makes it possible for quicker delivery times.  

10- Does It Have Any Unpleasant Smell?

No, none. Here is why:

1- Chemical Free & Non-toxic

Many conventional mattresses contain a variety of harmful chemicals that are not only released into your home but also back into the environment when you dispose of them? The chemicals used in creating conventional mattress are concerning to many people, especially those with allergies and have been linked to possible health risks. By choosing an organic mattress like this one, you reduce your exposure and your family’s exposure to harmful chemicals.

2- Certified Company and Manufacturing

In addition to the organic certifications, the company yis certified as Carbon Neutral. Meaning it only used the most sustainable ways possible to leave no carbon footprint whatsoever!

3- Organic Certified Cotton, Wool, and Latex

All the cushioning materials are organic certified by GOLS and GOTS. All other materials are certified by OEKO-TEX class 1 for being safe for babies. This means it is made without any banned phthalates, ozone depleters, PBDEs, heavy metals, lead, formaldehyde or any harmful chemicals. Also, organic wool is used as a fire retardant instead of chemicals.


11- Is It Good for Heavier People?

One of our team members at 253lb tested the mattress for a good two weeks and felt well supported on the mattress. There are a few requirements to what makes a mattress good for heavier people and the Honey Hybrid meets all requirements.  Here is how:

First, it is made with durable, natural, dense materials that will last a long time. Durability is the main problem when it comes to larger people because even when they do find a good mattress that supports their weight, that mattress might only last several months before it starts sagging. A 5.1 lb density latex can last a very long time, even for heavier people.

Second, it is just thick enough at 13 inches profile. Most heavier people need a mattress that is thick enough, so they won’t pass the comfort layer too soon and get to the uncomfortable support layer or too thick where they sink in too much. This means that 13 inches is very ideal for heavier people.

Third, it has the ideal firmness. The mattress shouldn’t be too firm or they’ll sink in too much.

Overall, the Honey Hybrid is very accommodating for heavy people.

12- Is It Good for Side Sleepers?

We recommend the Honey Hybrid for side sleepers with no doubt. Side sleepers required a relatively soft mattress, to relief pressure from shoulders and hips. The honey hybrid got that down with its latex, cotton, and micro coils.

I’m prone to sleeping on my side and I found the mattress to be a good sleeping experience. Side sleepers are prone to more hazards of pressure points, back pain and injuries from sleeping than back sleepers. If you don’t carefully choose your kind of mattress, you are likely to create tension and pressure in your shoulders, hips, and knees.

The latex has a comfortable, flexible support with adapting ability comparable to memory foam. However, latex resists sinkage and thus, gives a side sleeper a weightless sensation. The organic Dunlop follows a side sleepers’ curves, relieves soreness in joints, and prevents the formation of pressure points.

13- Is It Good for Back and Stomach Sleepers?

Back and stomach sleepers require a mattress that meets each sleeper’s personal needs for firmness and support. A sleeper determines the firmness of a mattress based on soft, medium, or firm. Desired support for back and stomach sleepers varies depending on their sleeping position sleeping habits. Generally, back and stomach sleepers require a mattress that is supportive.

The Honey Hybrid mattress is ideal for back and stomach sleepers because it possesses these features:

  • From the tests we did, it showed that both back and stomach sleepers would be comfortable on this mattress.
  • Back and stomach sleepers prefer a thinner comfort layer and move positions during the night. Therefore, Honey Hybrid is ideal considering it has a more conforming support layer because of coils. This help brings more softness and is combined with the Dunlop latex for more support to back sleepers.
  • Back sleepers prefer a thicker comfort layer and don’t move positions as much during the night. So, they are ideal for a mattress with a firmer support layer. Honey Hybrid mattress is good for medium to medium-firm firmness level for back and stomach sleepers.

14- Is This Mattress Worth It for the Money?

The mattress is worth it for the money first because of its non-toxic organic formation. It is rare to find an organic mattress at this price point at 13-icnhes. An organic mattress creates an environment that eases you into a deep sleep and is especially beneficial for people who suffer from allergies. This is a chemical free mattress that enhances health benefits, and you’re doing your part in saving the environment too.

This mattress is suitable for combination sleepers as well. For example, back and stomach sleepers will equally feel comfortable and right at home.

Considering the mattress density, organic materials, reputation, lifetime warranty, free shipping, and returns and all the other features, it is worth every penny.

15- How is The Company Reputation?

A Member Of 1% For The Plant

Sweet Zzz the manufacturer of Honey Hybrid mattresses is a member of 1% for the planet, an organization dedicated to championing for environmental welfare. The company dedicates 1% of every purchase to spearhead causes that promote a greener future.

Working With LA Food Band

Sweet Zzz mattress company is also working with LA Food Bank to put food on the table for the less fortunate ones. The company receives donations from its own teams and others to address hunger for more than 300,000 people suffering from starvation every month.

Working With The Breast Cancer Research Foundation 

Sweet Zzz the manufacturers of Honey Hybrid mattress is also working with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring prevention and cure breast cancer patients. Sweet Zzz contributes to critical funding for cancer research worldwide to promote advances in tumor biology genetics, treatment, prevention, metastasis, and survivorship. BCRF is rated the highest cancer organization in the United States.

Overall, we only heard good things about them.

16- Trial Period and Refunds




Honey Hybrid mattress is offered with a 100-night risk-free trial. This means that in the event you buy the mattress and you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund. The company states that returns after trials are for donations.

Your trial begins after your mattress is delivered. It is better to use all the 100 nights before asking for a refund. Some people will like their mattress on the first night. We do recommend you test your Honey Hybrid mattress for at least 30 nights to make sure you’ve experienced the best it has to offer.

You won’t be charged any restocking fees or charges of any kind on the return of the product. Therefore, your trial is truly risk-free. After your mattress is picked up for donation, you receive a full refund.

17- How Does The Warranty Work?




The warranty is lifetime limited warranty liable for certain product defects as long as you are the owner of the mattress. If you buy the mattress and you encounter a defect, you need to notify the company for the defect to be repaired or the mattress to be wholly replaced. It will be replaced according to the same size and model or a current model.

The warranty is valid if you are the original buyer of the mattress from Sweet Zzz stores, or if you bought online or from an authorized retailer. Defects from normal wear and tear or improper use of the mattress are not liable to this limited warranty.

The warranty only covers sleeping, resting, and laying on the mattress. Any other use of the mattress is considered a misuse thus voids the limited warranty. Also, minor imperfections like flaws in the cover are not covered in the warranty.

18- What Are The Shipping Options?




Sweet Zzz the manufacturer of Honey Hybrid mattresses ships the mattresses free of charge across the United States mainland except for Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping of the mattress is in a small, compressed box.

On purchase, expect your mattress to be shipped within five to eight business days. They provide FedEx tracking number. When you receive your Honey Hybrid mattress by Sweet Zzz and you notice that it is damaged, ensure you notify them within five business days.

Some FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, completely. Their wool and cotton are 100% natural and come from renewable resources. The Dunlop process encompasses natural, eco-friendly ingredients taken from renewable resources and water-based raw materials: natural latex, air, and water. The rubber trees are not polluted during the latex harvesting process.

No. As we said before, it doesn’t use any chemicals, polyurethane foams, or glues of any kind so there won’t be a smell whatsoever.

Yes. We contacted them and asked them this very question and they answered that their bed works perfectly well with an adjustable base. It is important to add that latex mattress overall work best with adjustable bases. Due to their heavy weight and contouring, latex beds really work well with adjustable bases.


It depends. If your old boxes are still in good condition, then yes you can but if there is any sagging in the boxes then your warranty might be void. As far as slatted bed frames just make sure that the slats are not more than three inches apart.

They don’t but you should get one just the same and here is why. Even though they don’t require a mattress protector in their warranty they do require that the mattress has no stains or damages or was used in an abusive way. So basically, you need to use a protector, and this is the case with any mattress, not just this one.

They don’t but you should get one just the same and here is why. Even though they don’t require a mattress protector in their warranty they do require that the mattress has no stains or damages or was used in an abusive way. So basically, you need to use a protector, and this is the case with any mattress, not just this one.

The one we got for testing was a queen and its about 120 lb. It is better if two people carry it and set it up.

Yes, they do. They have $150 flat fee for shipping to Canada but they casually ship there. That’s really good since not a lot of latex manufacturers ship to Canada.

For an organic, hybrid, mattress at 13 inches the Honey is an amazing value. Especially if you factor in the lifetime warranty and the 100 day trial.

As far as comfort, it uses a soft Cushing layer along with patented micro coils to allow for a plush yet unique to each person comfort. As far as support, it uses over 1500 individually wrapped coils made of tempered American steel to give a support that is enough even for people over 300 lbs. 

The Honey bed is tested for durability and certified for sustainability. 

Overall, if you’re in the market for a good mattress that is organic, comfortable, supportive at a great price then the Honey Hybrid mattress is the way to go.