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Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector Review

Sweet Zzz Cooling Mattress Protector

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Toxic and harmful chemicals that slowly deteriorate our health is what most of us have been unknowingly sleeping on for the past few decades. 

So, it’s a great relief that we are now more focused on living green. Natural bedding is at the front line of this new move of consuming more natural and organic products. This is good for us and the earth as well.

One of the companies working tirelessly to make sleeping natural a dream come true is Sweetzzzmattress.

 Based on ethical manufacturing practices, and charitable initiatives this company is one of the few that is producing truly natural bedding at an affordable cost without sacrificing luxury.

Today, we look at their Tencel Cooling Mattress Protector, essential bedding that will protect your bedding investment and the small fortune it cost.


What is the Construction?

The Protector Cover:

Sweetzzz’s Tencel cooling mattress protector is made from 100% natural Tencel derived from Eucalyptus fiber.

Tencel is a wonder of fabric, made from the pulp of eucalyptus tree, it has long continuous fibers that give a soft silky smooth finish.


Besides, Tencel is also a great cooling fabric. Coming from Eucalyptus “thirsty tree” known to hold hundreds of liters of water, Tencel behaves just like the parent.

It can soak up a lot of water without ever feeling wet, making it the ideal fabric for a cooling mattress protector.


The Protector Barrier:

The protector is 100% waterproof. This is made possible by the non-toxic polyurethane lamination found on the protector. The only way to make a mattress protector or any bedding waterproof is to use some form of plastic. 

However, we know that some plastics are very dangerous.

Some of the plastics you ought to be very wary of include Vinyl, PEVA/EVA, and anything that mentions phthalate-free.

One of the safest plastics to use on a mattress protector is polyurethane. This form has a stable formulation and is marked safe for use in bedding. 

It is also very durable which makes it the most preferred waterproof barrier as opposed to other safe options such as polyethylene.

How Is the Feel and Comfort?

When purchasing bedding, comfort is always a key factor. Some of the things that cause mattress protectors to be uncomfortable include crinkly noises caused by cheap plastic barriers such as vinyl.

 And of course, waking up soaked in sweat because the bedding sleeps hot is another thing that drastically affects comfort.

We tested this protector and overall it is very comfortable without it feeling warm or noisy. It also doesn’t modify the feel of the mattress as it is a protector and not a pad. 

It is thin and fits just like a sheet. It does, however, make for a cooler night’s sleep because of the Tencel cover.


Does It Sleep Cool or Warm?

Tencel is known as a hydrophilic fabric. It can soak up 40% more water than cotton and remain dry and comfy. This is one of the features that make the Sweetzzz’s mattress protector sleep cool. 

This protector is highly breathable, the Tencel fibers wick away moisture from your skin.

 Allowing you to sleep cool through the night. Additionally, the polyurethane barrier sleeps much cooler than plastic or vinyl.

Thirdly, this protector uses a very cool and airy skirt that allows air to circulate and keeps the mattress cool.

Is It Actually 100% Waterproof? How Good Is The Protection?

The tight atomic structure of the non-toxic polyurethane barrier ensures the mattress protector remains 100% waterproof. To start with, the upper layer of Tencel absorbs 40% more liquid than any other fabric and quickly releases it into the air ensuring the protector is always dry and comfortable.

If you tend to sleep hot, you will love this feature, as it provides a consistently cool sleep surface area.

The polyurethane lamination ensures no liquid, stain, or dirt seeps through to the mattress. We tested the protector with different liquids and it proved to be 100% waterproof.

How Durable Is The Sweet Zzz Cooling Protector?

By using the best natural materials, Sweetzzz guarantees a long lifespan of protection and cooling with this mattress protector. They even offer a 5-year warranty which is 2 years longer than most mattress protectors in the market.

When cared for correctly, Tencel is a very durable fabric. It has better resistance to wears and tears such as thinning as opposed to other fabrics like cotton. 

Polyurethane, as well, is a longer-lasting lamination as compared to other forms of waterproofing laminations such as polyethylene.

Does It Have Any Unpleasant Features like bad Odor or Noise?

By using natural and high-quality materials, the Sweetzzz mattress protector meets the safety threshold.  The protector is made of Tencel and backed with a safe polyurethane lamination which ensures it is 100% waterproof. 

Tencel is a fiber that comes from the Eucalyptus tree’s pulp. Using this natural material makes this protector a safe, green alternative to other protectors. 

The barrier of the protector itself is not made from cheap plastic or vinyl.

Since no harmful chemicals were used in making this protector, we did not smell any bad odors or feel any noise during our tests.

Does It Have a Good Value? Is It Worth the Price?

Natural and cooling mattress protectors are some of the most expensive mattress protectors in the market. A lot goes into creating natural bedding and costs are not spared as well. 

Tencel, which is a patented lyocell fabric is a premium fabric. 

Compared with most, Sweetzzz’s pricing is quite affordable. For a 100% natural Tencel cover, and 100% waterproof protection, free delivery, and a 5-year warranty, the Sweet Zzz Cooling protector is a great value.

How Is the Return Policy and Sleep Trial?

Sweet Zzz Cooling Protector comes with a 50-night sleep trial without any fees. They guarantee that if you don’t love your mattress protector within the sleep trial period you can return it for a full refund. No questions asked.

They also cater for both shipping costs; they offer you free shipping even for your returns

The procedure for the return is not complicated as well. You just send them an email within your trial period and they process the return right away. You will then receive a refund once they get the returned protector.

Of course, you have to keep in mind their terms and conditions to ensure you don’t void their return policy.

How Does the Warranty Work?

SweetZzz Cooling Protector comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. That protects against manufacturing faults. 

It also means that if within 5 years, the protector goes bad (not from common wear and tear) Sweetzzz will send you a new one at no extra charge.

However, just like the return policy, you have to ensure you keep their terms and conditions in mind so that you don’t void the warranty. The warranty only works on the original buyer and starts from the delivery date.

Benefits Of The Sweet Zzz Cooling Protector?

Protects your mattress investment

Purchasing a mattress is hard on the wallet. That’s why it makes perfect sense to protect your investment. The best protection for your investment is a mattress protector. 

Most mattresses come with a warranty. These warranties can be voided if your mattress is stained, dirty, smelly, or damaged. A high-quality mattress protector like Sweetzzz’s ensures your mattress stays clean and can be replaced in case of a warranty claim.

Improves your bed hygiene

Sweetzzz mattress protector just like many other protectors’ number one job is to protect your mattress. The 100% waterproof mattress protector keeps stains, liquid, and dirt from getting through to your mattress.

Mattresses cannot be washed but luckily mattress protectors can.  A mattress protector can be easily thrown into the washer and cleaned to keep your sleep environment clean and fresh. 

We spend a third of our lives in bed and it would be a pity and also health threatening if we spent this time lying in a cesspool of dirt.

Cooling and comfortable

Sweetzzz’s mattress protector has another advantage over many other protectors. It sleeps cool. Most protectors are uncomfortably hot due to the use of cheap plastic or vinyl as waterproof barriers.

 Naturally, some of us are unwilling to sacrifice our comfort for the protection value of a mattress protector.

However, with Sweetzzz’s cooling mattress protector, you do not have to sacrifice your comfort or your mattress’s protection. 

The Tencel cooling mattress protector is highly breathable and moisture-wicking. Its silky smooth finish is great on the skin, and especially so for people with sensitive skin. This ensures a cool and comfortable rest.

Prevents allergens

Bugs such as dust mites and bed bugs thrive in sleeping environments. They especially do so with the availability of moisture and food sources. Dust mites feed on dead skin cells. If unchecked these pests can saturate a mattress and account for some percentage of its total weight.

Investing in a mattress protector is essential as the waterproof barrier also ensures that these critters don’t make it into your mattress and vice versa.

 Regularly washing your mattress protector rids your bed of these bugs and provides a clean and safe environment. This helps to reduce allergies or eliminate them.

Good for the environment

Mattresses are some of the most concerning landfills. Mattress protectors like SweetZzz’s improve your mattress’s life span.

 Reducing the need to purchase a mattress every few years. This reduces landfill rates.

Sweetzzz mattress protector is also environmentally friendly. It uses natural biodegradable materials like Tencel.

 The use of this material is also eco-friendly as eucalyptus trees are less taxing on the environment in planting and maintenance.

In this post, we reviewed the Sweetzzz Mattress Cooling Protector. SweetZzz is one of the companies in the frontline of producing natural bedding. They are also actively involved in championing the protection of the environment.

As such, their products feature natural materials. The Sweetzzz Cooling mattress protector is built of 100% natural Tencel cover and is 100% waterproof. 

The use of Tencel from Eucalyptus wood pulp ensures this protector is moisture-wicking and cooling. The 100% nontoxic polyurethane barrier keeps dirt, stains, bugs, and liquids off your mattress and promotes a hygiene sleep environment.

We tested the protector and found it cooling, comfortable, silent, waterproof, and value for money.