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Sweet Zzz Buckwheat pillow Review

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Sweet Zzz Buckwheat pillow Review

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Sweet Zzz Mattress, a US-based, organic bedding company is one of the best bedding companies for affordable, luxury, natural bedding. The environment-conscious brand offers the Sweet Zzz Buckwheat Pillow, an all-natural organic pillow. 

Buckwheat pillows are a wonder of a pillow, though it might sound strange to sleep on buckwheat.

 Ancient Asian civilizations realized the benefits of sleeping on buckwheat hulls and for generations have used this pillow. Where they have been realizing incredible benefits such as superior support, great neck, and head conforming properties, and incredible pain relief. 

Similarly, SweetZzz’s buckwheat pillow is made from the highest quality buckwheat hulls (sourced in the US) and inspired by the original Japanese Sobakawa (buckwheat) pillow.

What is the Construction?

The Pillow Cover

The Sweet Zzz buckwheat pillow comes with removable inner and outer pillowcases made from 100% organic certified cotton. The pillow is so soft to touch and provides a comfortable surface for your head.  

The cotton cover is highly breathable and transmits moisture away from the body providing a cooling effect throughout the night.

Being organic, this material was produced without the use of harmful chemicals. Meaning, it will not cause allergic reactions or irritate your skin.

This pillowcase guarantees value for money. It has high tensile strength, making it strong, durable, and less likely to rip or tear. It is easy to clean as it is machine washable.

The Pillow Fill

The pillow is filled with 100% certified organic buckwheat hulls. These hulls are non-GMO and triple-certified organic, giving the green sleep experience a whole new meaning. 

SweetZzz’s pillow is filled with thousands of these hulls. They make sure to only use hulls that have a complete 3D shape. This shape creates a superior cushion experience because the hulls don’t crash or lose their shape under any applied weight or pressure. This allows the hulls to conform perfectly to your head and neck, proving incredible, pain-relieving firm support.

The shape of these hulls also helps keep the pillow well-aerated, helping the sleeper enjoy a cool sleep.

The fill is adjustable, it comes with 100% fill, you can remove extra fills to achieve your desired loft. The pillow comes with a bag that you can use to store extra hulls removed from the pillow.

How Is the Feel and Comfort?

SweetZzz’s cotton cover provides a soft and comfortable surface to lay on. The hulls in the pillow, on the other hand, provide firm support for your head and neck. This does not mean that the pillow is too stiff, the hulls move freely inside the pillowcase making the pillow malleable and comfortable. 

The buckwheat hulls contour to the user’s head and neck shape helping the pillow provide customized support. They also help align your head, neck, and spine to maintain proper posture throughout the night. 

Depending on your sleeping position, you can remove or increase the fill to adjust the height of the pillow for maximum comfort.

 Though they look hard, buckwheat hulls, are actually cushiony and very comfortable to lay on. 

Because of these properties, the pillow’s uses are highly versatile and can easily transition from bed to desk effortlessly

Does It Sleep Cool or Warm?

SweetZzz’s pillow comes with an organic cotton cover that is highly breathable. Cotton is great at moisture wicking, allowing you to have a cooler night’s sleep.

This pillow actually has a two-factor cooling property. Other than the breathable cotton cover, the 3D-shaped buckwheat hulls don’t compact, and this allows air to pass through the shells freely. The movement of the hulls inside the pillow aerates the pillow. 

Additionally, when you are sleeping the pillow is still well ventilated because the open shells allow air to pass through. Most past users of this pillow have rated this pillow highly on its cooling ability.

How Durable Is The Sweet Zzz Buckwheat Pillow?

Buckwheat hulls are naturally strong. As such they are known for their durability and Sweet Zzz has shown to only use the best natural organic hulls, you can expect the pillow to last a very long time.

Though buckwheat hulls can be compressed, their ability to bounce right back in shape, helps them stay intact longer. The hulls don’t compact or break easily, however, as time goes they are bound to wear off.

That is why it is recommended to replace a chunk of hulls every once in a while.

With good care, most buckwheat pillows can serve you anywhere between 10-20 years or even more.

Does It Have Any Unpleasant Features like bad Odor or Noise?

Sweet Zzz stands by its organic policy and gets its products certified. Since the buckwheat pillows are certified organic, the brand ensures no harmful chemicals were used in this pillow. From the cover to the hulls, everything about this pillow is organic, clean, and safe for use.

Naturally, buckwheat pillows have an earthy smell that is considered aromatic and calming. We tested this pillow and it did not have any bad odors.  We also tested for noise and it’s expected that buckwheat hulls produce a little rustling sound, which again most people find calming. But SweetZzz’s pillow has minimal noise compared to other buckwheat pillows due to the strong double cotton pillowcase.

Does It Have a Good Value? Is It Worth the Price?

As at the time of testing these pillows, their price ranged from $95-140 but they were slashed by half due to the generous promo prizes the brand is known to give. Sweet Zzz provides natural, luxury items at affordable prices and we experienced that for ourselves. 

For a 100% natural organic cotton cover and pillowcase, and 100% organic buckwheat hulls, free delivery, and 1-year warranty, and a 50-day risk-free trial, we found the Sweet Zzz’s buckwheat pillow a great value.

How Is the Return Policy and Sleep Trial?

Sweet Zzz guarantees that if you don’t absolutely love the pillow within 50 days of purchase you can return it for a full refund- no questions asked. We found their return policy very simple and transparent, all a customer needs to do is shoot their customer service an email and the return process begins. To add to it, we were pleasantly surprised by the free return shipping. So, not only does the pillow ship to you free, you can return it at no cost at all.

The 50-day trial period for this pillow is sufficient time to truly test it and figure out whether it works. This, given that the human body needs only 21-30 days to adjust to something new.

How Does the Warranty Work?

Sweet Zzz Pillow comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. This means that if your pillow exhibits any faults other than normal wear and tear during the 1 year, the company will send a new one or fix it at no extra cost. 

Their warranty is in effect from the moment you receive your pillow. You need to note your order number so that you can use that to file a warranty claim in the future (if any). The warranty also only works on the original buyer.

Benefits Of The Sweet Zzz Buckwheat Pillow?

From the information above, your pillow not only affects your quality of sleep but your general quality of life. Sweet Zzz buckwheat pillow has an endless list of benefits for your sleep, health, and overall peace of mind. Let’s look at a few major benefits you get from using these pillows:

Promotes Better sleep

Buckwheat hulls do a great job of contouring the head and neck. Helping align your head, neck, and spine for proper posture. Good posture aids to relieve pressure and automatically relaxes your body helping you sleep better.

This pillow also provides firm support throughout the night. It does not collapse in the middle of the night like some soft pillows. This guarantees consistent support which is especially helpful for side and back sleepers who often wake up with cramped necks due to bad sleep posture.

Correcting sleep posture has also been found helpful in reducing conditions like migraine by promoting proper blood flow throughout the brain.

Reduces Snoring 

Snoring is usually brought about by bad posture while sleeping. As explained above, the contouring quality of the pillow aligns your spine, correcting and helping you maintain good posture.

A good posture opens up your airways to create a free movement of air while sleeping which in turn, reduces snoring and improves the overall quality of sleep.

You’re also able to adjust the loft of your pillow to your liking by adding or removing fill through the zippered opening. The option to adjust your loft can help elevate your back which also works to create better air passage hence reducing snoring. 

It doesn’t matter what size you are or what sleeping position you prefer; a buckwheat pillow can support your head at the correct elevation.


SweetZzz’s buckwheat pillows are highly breathable, helping you sleep cool at night. The 3D shape of the hulls allows air to pass through more freely, keeping the pillow well ventilated. The cotton covers also help to wick moisture away, which also adds to the cooling factor of the pillow.


Buckwheat pillows are naturally long-lasting. The hulls are strong and resistant to pressure. So, even though they are compressible, they bounce back to their original shape instantly. This property of buckwheat hulls makes them very long-lasting.

When high-quality organic materials are used the pillow even lasts longer, which is what you get with the Sweet Zzz pillow.


Sweet Zzz is one of the best companies for natural, affordable, luxury bedding. Their organic buckwheat pillow is made from 100% organic cotton cover and 100% organic buckwheat hulls.

From our tests, we found the pillow to be very soft and comfortable. In terms of noise, it was very minimal all thanks to the double cotton pillowcase covers. The pillow is also ranked highly by its customers for its cooling feature. We determined it’s a long-lasting pillow that is value for money.

The pillow has plenty of benefits including superior support, cooling functionality, long-lasting, as well as ease of maintenance. For someone in the market for a buckwheat pillow, this is a good pillow to try out.

We may receive a referral fee each time a consumer uses a link or code on this website to purchase a product with, for more info visit our disclosure page.