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Sweet Zzz Body Pillow Review

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Sweet Zzz Plant-Based Body Pillow Review

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Body pillows are essential for correcting and supporting our form regardless of our sleeping position. These pillows help align our head, neck, and back while reducing pressure on the shoulders and hips. As a result, they play a crucial function in improving our body posture, promoting proper circulation, and offering whole-body support while we sleep.

Sweet Zzz’s body pillow stands out with its plushy plant-based filling and certified 100% natural organic cotton covers. The 20” by 54” long rectangular, organic cotton body pillow is the perfect balance of a snuggly and supportive pillow. It’s light and supportive, perfect for hugging while sleeping. A product of Sweet Zzz, a fast-growing green bedding company dedicated to providing sustainable, eco-friendly bedding, the body pillow is one of the best body pillows we have tried thus far.

What is the Construction?

The Pillow Cover: 

Sweet Zzz’s body pillow cover is certified 100% organic natural cotton cover. The pillow has two covers, an inner and an outer cover. The cover material is soft and crispy. It’s breathable and sleeps cool — a great feature for hot sleepers. In addition, the cover material is durable. It comes in a sturdy construction that can withstand many washes and remain in top condition.

GOTS and OEKO Tex certifications back the pillow making it a very safe pillow to use during pregnancy and in general.

The Pillow Fill: 

Sweet Zzz’s body pillow is plush and surprisingly comfortable for side sleeping. It gets its loft from soy fabric – a plant-based down alternative filling. Soy fabric is often referred to as vegetable cashmere for its extreme softness. The pillow fill is rated 3d 1.33d Virgin Grade, the highest quality down alternative grade. The filling is soft and fine, often mimicking down without the drawbacks of down.

This pillow’s plushy nature makes it a snuggling pillow. In addition, it’s highly moldable and great at conforming to the body — offering much-needed support.


How Is the Feel and Comfort?

Sweet ZZz’s body pillow is soft and comfortable for sleep. The certified organic cotton cover makes it a safe pillow during pregnancy. Its plush nature makes it an excellent pillow for snuggling.

It’s highly moldable and conforms to the body well, providing excellent support. It’s a perfect option for side sleepers and pregnant women due to its light and medium loft that doubles as a support and a comfort feature. The cotton covers are highly breathable.

The use of a plant-based fill allows unrestricted airflow – making this a cooling body pillow, great for hot sleepers. The length of the pillow is ideal for full-body support.


Does It Sleep Cool or Warm?

One of cotton’s best features is its ability to wick moisture. Cotton is a highly absorbent material. It can absorb a lot of moisture without feeling wet, making it an excellent cooling fabric. Sweet Zzz’s body pillow’s natural cotton cover does not disappoint.

True, it’s nature; it sleeps cool. Combined with the breathable nature of the cover, the pillow’s plant-based down alternative filling also plays a crucial role in keeping the pillow cool at night.

Soy is a fine and soft fiber that is airy, allowing unrestricted airflow. These factors make this the perfect pillow for those who sleep hot.

How Durable Is The Sweet Zzz Body Pillow? 

From the very first impression, Sweet Zzz’s cover material is strong. The pillow’s cover materials and construction are sturdy and durable. Cotton is known for its great tensile strength. This strength enables it to endure many washes without getting damaged. The plant-based down alternative fill has a long lifespan. I

ts plushy nature allows for great malleability through fluffing. If the pillow fills a bit flat, you can fluff it to bring it back to life. Or toss it in the dryer for a few minutes, which does the trick.

Does It Have Any Unpleasant Features like bad Odor or Noise?

Odor in beddings primarily signifies chemicals or synthetic materials during production. Luckily, Sweet Zzz’s body pillow is devoid of any foul odors. Likewise, we didn’t notice any odors emanating from the pillow cover or the pillow fill. 

The pillow also sleeps silent– there were no noticeable noises. Cotton is a very soft fabric that doesn’t produce noise despite the restless sleeper. Soy, also known as vegetable cashmere, has very fine soft fibers that make minimal to no sound.

Does It Have a Good Value? Is It Worth the Price?

Sweet Zzz’s body pillow is reasonably priced and of good value. Body pillows range in shapes and sizes and often in prices too. However, we found the pillow of great value for a 100% natural cotton cover and plant-based fill combined with free delivery and a 4-year warranty. 

When looking at pillow prices, it’s also essential to look at other aspects. However, considering this pillow’s durability and eco-friendly materials, we found the pillow well worth the price.

How Is the Return Policy and Sleep Trial?

Online shopping is not an easy task. There has to be an element of trust for an online shopping relationship to blossom. Sweet Zzz understands this need well, providing a 50-day risk-free trial period. If you do not absolutely love your body pillow within the return period. You can return it for a full refund, no questions asked!!

To make the deal even sweeter, they provide free return shipping. Not that you will need to return the period, but it’s a good assurance to have. 

How Does the Warranty Work?

There’s usually a great misunderstanding of how warranties work. Before purchasing bedding, it’s important to read the terms of your warranty coverage. Sweet Zzz is confident in its pillow’s performance offering a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty covers any uncommon damage away from normal wear and tear.

Should your pillow display abnormal faults, the company is willing to send you a new one at no extra charge. However, please note that the warranty only works for the original buyer. The warranty becomes effective from the delivery date.

Benefits Of The Sweet Zzz Body Pillow?

  • Promotes Proper Spine Alignment

Body pillows promote proper spine alignment and posture during sleep. They do a great job relieving neck, shoulder, back, and hip pains. While snuggling with body pillows, our bodies can bend the pillows to conform to the body’s shape and offer support where needed. 

Sweet Zzz’s body pillow does a great job by having a springy fill with medium resistance that offers the right balance between squishy and supportive.

Body pillows are also good at relieving joint pains. They reduce pressure on joints through the proper support of the neck and hip region. In addition, the pillow lifts the excess weight from the bottom shoulder and hips, aiding in a better night’s rest.

  • Help Pregnant Women Sleep better.

Body pillows are ideal for pregnant women. They help women sleep on their sides during pregnancy. Something that is highly advocated for to lower any risks of pregnancy complications. A study found that sleeping on the side has health benefits for both the woman and child. Side sleepers can also benefit from proper posture with the help of a body pillow. 

  • Improves Blood Circulation

Body pillows are great for improving blood circulation. Body pillows help maintain consistent blood flow in your body to aid in a restful night. Interrupted blood flow often interrupts sleep. Elevating body areas such as the head and legs helps promote proper blood flow for a better night’s rest.

  • Relieves Stress

Body pillows are great for cuddling. Hugging helps relieve anxiety and is recommended for good mental health.

Hugging and or cuddling releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone that relieves stress and anxiety. You can snuggle with your body pillow and watch as your worries melt away when you have had a bad day. 

  • Reduces Snoring

Snoring and sleep apnea are conditions that disrupt sleep for many people. Body pillows help reduce snoring. Elevating the head and neck area and promoting proper spinal alignment opens up the snorer’s airways and promotes better breathing.


There are many reasons to fall in love with Sweet Zzz’s body pillow. The pillow comes with a Certified 100% organic cotton cover that is soft and comfortable on the skin and safe to use during pregnancy. The plant-based down alternative filling makes the pillow extra plushy but also light enough for squeezing and hugging. 

The pillow is durable, well priced, and comes with free shipping, a 50-day risk-free trial period, and a 4-year warranty. These features make it of great value.