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Lift by Amerisleep Topper VS Layla Memory Foam Topper Comparison


Beginning with the construction of these two mattress toppers, the Lift by Amerisleep Mattress Topper is built using a 3-inch gel memory foam. Notably, it includes Amerisleep’s proprietary Bio-Pur® material, creating a soft, cushioned surface. Additionally, it features HIVE® technology, which contributes to targeted support and pressure relief.

On the contrary, the Layla Memory Foam Topper uses a copper-infused memory foam. This design is meant to enhance comfort and provide additional anti-inflammatory properties. Its construction is purposefully designed to prevent excessive sinking or arching of the back, creating a balanced and supportive sleep surfa


Both toppers are engineered for comfort, but they approach it in different ways. The Lift by Amerisleep Topper provides body-contouring comfort through its memory foam and creates targeted support through its HIVE® technology, reducing pressure points by up to 49%.

On the other hand, Layla’s Memory Foam Topper’s standout feature is the copper-infusion in the foam, aimed to provide pain relief and anti-inflammatory benefits, which can be particularly beneficial for sleepers with back pain.

  Feel Change

These toppers also impact the feel of your existing mattress differently. The Lift by Amerisleep Topper will add a plush, memory foam feel to your mattress, providing you with a deeply contouring sleep surface.

Layla’s Memory Foam Topper, on the other hand, provides a different experience. Though it uses memory foam, the topper is not overly plush and instead strikes a balance between softness and support. This results in a sleep surface that is comfortable but doesn’t excessively alter the underlying feel of your mattress.

  Cooling Capabilities

In terms of cooling, the Lift by Amerisleep Topper employs a cooling cover and gel-infused memory foam to keep the sleep surface temperature-neutral. The Layla Memory Foam Topper, on the other hand, uses copper-infused memory foam. Copper is known for its thermal conductivity properties, helping to pull heat away from the body, ensuring a cool sleeping surface.


Both toppers are designed to be durable. The Lift by Amerisleep Topper’s high-quality memory foam is resistant to sagging and indentations. Similarly, the Layla Memory Foam Topper is built to withstand regular use without significant wear and tear.


In terms of cost, the Layla Memory Foam Topper is less expensive than the Lift by Amerisleep Topper. However, Amerisleep offers advanced features such as HIVE® technology and gel-infused memory foam, which may justify the higher price for some sleepers. Layla, however, provides excellent value for its price, considering its cooling capabilities and pain-relief properties.

The Lift by Amerisleep Mattress Topper and the Layla Memory Foam Topper are both high-quality choices. The selection between the two primarily depends on personal preferences and sleeping requirements. If you’re searching for a deeply contouring and targeted support experience, the Amerisleep Topper may suit you better. However, if cooling properties, pain relief, and maintaining a balance between softness and support are your priorities, the Layla Topper could be the better option. Both toppers significantly enhance your overall sleep experience, and their benefits justify their respective costs.