Bedding Review

Lift by Amerisleep Mattress Topper VS Latex For Less Mattress Topper Comparison


The Lift by Amerisleep Mattress Topper features a 3-inch gel memory foam construction, incorporated with their proprietary Bio-Pur® material for added cushioning. Additionally, Amerisleep incorporates HIVE® technology, creating five comfort zones with hexagonal patterns for targeted support and pressure relief. On the other hand, the Latex For Less Mattress Topper is constructed using organic Dunlop latex, known for its resilience and durability. Latex For Less keeps it simple and natural, providing a variety of thickness (2 or 3 inches) and firmness options (soft, medium, medium-firm).


In terms of comfort, both toppers excel, albeit in different ways. Amerisleep’s Lift Topper utilizes memory foam, which is known for its body contouring and pressure-relieving capabilities. HIVE® technology further enhances comfort by offering targeted support to different parts of the body. In contrast, the Latex For Less Topper uses latex, which is more responsive and provides a balance of comfort and support. Latex does not have the deep contouring feel of memory foam but instead offers a buoyant, uplifting feel.

  Feel Change

If you’re looking to significantly change the feel of your mattress, both toppers can provide distinct outcomes. Amerisleep’s Lift Topper will add a plush, memory foam feel to any mattress, offering a deep contouring sleep surface. The Latex For Less Topper, in contrast, imparts a more resilient, responsive feel to the mattress. The surface will conform to the body shape but with a springy feel, preventing the ‘sinking in’ sensation some people experience with memory foam.

  Cooling Capabilities

When it comes to cooling, Amerisleep’s Lift Topper leverages the gel-infusion in its memory foam and the ultra-breathable cover to ensure a cooler sleeping surface. The Latex For Less Topper, however, naturally stays cool due to the inherent properties of latex, which doesn’t retain heat like memory foam. So, if you’re a hot sleeper, you may find the Latex For Less Topper to be more breathable.


Both toppers are designed to be durable. Amerisleep’s Lift Topper uses high-quality memory foam, which is resistant to sagging and indentations over time. The Latex For Less Topper uses organic Dunlop latex, renowned for its longevity, and could outlast most other types of foam.


In terms of value, both toppers offer benefits for their respective price points. The Lift by Amerisleep Topper is pricier, but it provides advanced features such as HIVE® technology and gel-infused memory foam. The Latex For Less Topper, while simpler in design, offers the advantages of natural, sustainable latex and a variety of customization options.

The choice between the Lift by Amerisleep Mattress Topper and the Latex For Less Mattress Topper will depend on your sleep preferences and priorities. If you prefer the contouring and targeted support of memory foam, the Amerisleep topper would be a great choice. However, if you enjoy the resilience and cooling nature of latex, with the added benefit of customization, the Latex For Less topper may be the better fit. Both options offer significant enhancements to your mattress, improving your overall sleep experience.