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Katy Mattress Review

Katy Mattress Review

(Memory Foam)

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Total Score
Excellent 93%

What is the Construction?

Unlike some mattress with 5 or 6 different layers, the Katy mattress utilizes a simple yet effective 3-layer design for comfort, support, and cooling.

Natural Aloe Vera Cover

The first layer of the Katy mattress is a 1-inch natural Aloe Vera and cotton cover. This cover increases both the cooling and the comfort of the mattress. The Aloe Vera Cover feels very smooth and soft on the skin. 

We noticed that the cover stays nice and dry during the night which is a big plus for hot sleepers.


O-Cell Memory Foam

The second layer (and main comfort layer) of the Katy mattress is 3-inches of a 4 lb. density O-Cell memory foam. To simplify this layer, it is basically a high-density memory foam that is manufactured with bigger cell pores for increased breathability.

While most higher density memory foams get hotter with higher densities and need an add-on to stay cool, the Katy mattress uses a unique approach to memory foam. By increasing the cell sizes the Katy mattress did two important things right. First, they eliminated the need to use an add-on like gel and second, they made the bed cheaper. 

This is what makes the Katy mattress a unique affordable luxury as it uses a high-density memory foam that has higher quality and longevity while keeping it affordable.


Base Layer

The Katy mattress uses 7-inches of a 2.0 density 50 ILD ventilated support base. Now that we’re done with the fancy numbers, here is what we think of the base support layer.

First, the density at 2.0 is very sturdy and will increase both the support this mattress offers and the longevity of the bed itself. Most bases are at 1.5 or 1.8 density. While those are still good, the 2.0 is a much better base.

Second, what does the 50 ILD means? This means that the support layer is firm and strong enough to accommodate heavier people and people with different body shapes. At 50 ILD firmness, the base of this mattress makes sure you never sink in too much.

This base could make a mattress with only 1-inch of memory foam too firm but since Katy uses 3-inches of comfortable memory foam and a soft cover, the mattress overall feels soft and comfortable but firm and supportive.


Great 92%

How Is the Support and Comfort?

When we started testing the Katy mattress, something became very apparent, this mattress might cost less than most and might use a simple design, but it feels just as good as the best in the industry.

Shoulder and hip pressure relief

Even some of the best mattresses use only 2 inches of memory foam, Katy, on the other hand, uses 3 inches of high-density memory foam. This gives the mattress excellent pressure point relief. Side sleepers will feel at ease sleeping on this bed since they put most of their weight on their shoulders and hips. 

It might feel that using 3 inches of memory foam will make the mattress overly soft with too much sink in, but Katy balances the firmness and sinkage with its very firm base layer hitting two birds with one stone.

Spinal Alignment and lower back support

Because high-density memory foam responds to the body weight and contours to it, the Katy mattress distributes the body weight evenly on the surface of the mattress reducing lower back pain and incorrect spinal alignment. This is important for the stomach, back, and side sleepers alike.


Support and Comfort
Excellent 95%

Does This Mattress Sleep Cool?

Very few memory foam mattresses get the cooling factor right and Katy is one of them. Here’s why.

Cooling Aloe Vera Cover

Cooling the main benefit of Aloe Vera in whatever product it is used in. Not only is it cooler but it also stays dry preventing sweating and overheating at night.  

Open Cell Technology

The memory foam used in the Katy mattress is made with a unique open cell technology where during the manufacturing process they achieve bigger cell pores through better glass transition. To not sound too complicated, it simply means the memory foam cells have bigger holes and can breathe better and reduce heat-trapping that is so common in other memory foam beds.

Natural Silica Fire Retardant 

Not only are chemicals retardant toxic and unhealthy but they also increase heat trapping by a large noticeable margin. This isn’t the case with Katy since it uses natural Silica that is found in nature as its fire barrier keeping the mattress cool yet safe from toxins and fire hazards. 


Excellent 92%

How Is the Edge Support?

The Katy mattress edge support is like the most bed in a box mattresses, good for sleeping but somewhat soft for sitting on the edge.

We tried rolling on the mattress, but we never felt like falling off which is a good thing. This means that you can sleep on 100% of the mattress surface and honestly that is what bed in a box mattress aim for since hard edges supports cannot be put in boxes.

However, as mentioned earlier, the edge might feel somewhat soft if you try to sit on the very edge. 

Overall, the edge support doesn’t get in your way when sleeping only when sitting on the edge.

Edge Support
Great 85%

Is There Motion Transfer?

The short answer, NO. but here is the long one if you’re interested 🙂

The Katy mattress is an all-foam mattress and things that transfer motion like coils are not there.

Also, memory foam absorbs motion and since the is 3-inches of it in this bed, motion is noticeable eliminated. Even the tight cover is very stretchy.

Basically, any movement you’ll feel is caused by the movement of the bed, not the mattress. If you leave the mattress on the floor as we did for the motion transfer test, you’ll see that there is pretty much no motion being transferred.

Motion Transfer
Excellent 97%

Is This Mattress Good for Sex?

Though Katy mattress lacks the bounce necessary for amorous activates found in latex and hybrid mattresses, it still offers a good sex experience as O-cell memory foam doesn’t sink as much as regular memory foam.

Also, cooling is an important factor here and Katy does not disappoint when things get hotter in bed.

Sex also reduces the longevity of most beds, especially the bouncier ones but this isn’t the case for Katy because of its all-foam design.

For Sex
Excellent 90%

How Firm Is It?

On the firmness scale, Katy has a 6.5 firmness (with 10 being firmest). It really has more of a universal approach to firmness and more dependent on its firm but sot design to accommodate everyone instead of having different firmness options.

It does do a good job with its universal design since our team was happy with their experiences during the testing period. Katy felt good on the side, back, and stomach without feeling overly firm and pushing on pressure points or feeling too soft and cushiony 


How Durable Is This Mattress?

Thou we haven’t tested the Katy for a long period of time, we can say this about its durability. Between the natural cover, natural fire retardant, high-density memory foam, and high-density base foam, there is very little that can go wrong. 

The fact that the entire 10-inches of this mattress is made with durable materials is the main reason why it comes with a lifetime warranty.

One more thing, every Katy mattress goes through a quality testing before it is vacuum sealed and sent to customers to ensure quality and durability since the company will take the hit in case of a warranty claim.

Excellent 95%

Where Is It Made?

The Katy mattress is U.S. made right here in Phoenix Arizona.

Being U.S. made is not only a good feature for quality, but it also means that the mattress will not go out of stock. The main issue with most imported beds is that they might get out of stock in one size or another. 

Better yet, Katy mattresses are made to order meaning that your mattress will be made for you and shipped in the box right after manufacturing. This is very important as being sealed in a box for long periods of time will cause the foam to compress reducing overall longevity and making it so that it takes forever for the bed to come to full size.

Made to order in the US is another one of Katy mattresses great features.



Does It Have Any Unpleasant Smell?

We noticed that there was a new bed smell when you first get it but it is very minor and most importantly very safe.

The Katy mattress is CertiPUR-US certified and is made with no harmful chemicals by a company that is actually a partner of 1% for the planet so even if you do notice a slight odor when you first get your new bed, there is nothing to worry about.

Overall, off-gassing was very little and unnoticeable.

Great 90%

Is It Good for Heavier People?

Though we normally advise 12-inch mattresses for heavier people, Katy mattress is made with sturdy materials and comes with a lifetime warranty making it heavy people friendly.

The reason why we usually recommend thicker mattresses for heavier people is that they have thicker comfort layers and stronger base layers but that is also the case with Katy as well.

Katy has a 3-inch high-density memory foam layer that is usually found in 12-inch more expensive mattresses. Also, a 2.0 density base foam with a 50 ILD rating is something you usually see in much thicker mattresses that are considered luxury.

The only thing we can say, however, is that heavier people might not find the edge very strong for them to sit on. Other than that, the mattress should be fine and more than accommodating for their needs.

Still, overall Katy is very heavy people friendly.

Is It Good for Side Sleepers?

Yes, very much so. 

Side sleepers need two important things to be able to sleep comfortably on their mattresses.

First, they need a mattress with good pressure relief to remove the pressure from their shoulders and hips that they put all the body weight on.

Second, they need a mattress without too much sink in that leaves them with incorrect spinal alignment. Usually, soft mattresses with good pressure point still leave side sleepers with lower back pain caused by a lack of support and too much sinking.

However, with Katy mattress, both needs are well satisfied. Katy mattress’s comfort layer offers ample enough pressure relief while the base layer keeps the spinal aliment problem away.

So, Katy is certainly good for side sleepers.


Is It Good for Back and Stomach Sleepers?

Stomach and back sleepers need to stay away from mattresses that are too soft or have little support. Katy has ample enough support and is on the firm side of the firmness scale.

During the test, we never felt that Katy caused any lower or upper back pain for our stomach or back sleeper. That is because Katy has a firm support layer right under the comfortable memory foam layer that keeps the spin well aligned.

Another reason why Katy mattress is good for back sleepers is that it is 10-inches which is the ideal size for most back and stomach sleepers. 

Overall, Katy mattress’s universal design works very well for back and stomach sleepers.



Is This Mattress Worth It for the Money?

Katy is the queen of budget! This is one of the mattresses where you get the most out of the money you pay.

With a natural Aloe Vera cover, Natural and non-toxic Silica fire retardant, good quality memory foam and base foam, 100-nigh trial and lifetime warranty the Katy mattress is a real affordable luxury.

We were very mesmerized by the quality this mattress offers for the price it is asking.

Excellent 98%

Pictures Of The Mattress

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Company Reputation

We bought the mattress and tested it for over a month and when we asked to return it, they were more than helpful in helping us donate the mattress without any hassle whatsoever.

We wanted to go through what customers go through and we have to say Katy mattress has a good team of people behind it.

During the purchase, we asked them many questions. They answered any question we had about the mattress even though we acted as customers and not professional mattress experts. 

We have yet to hear any complains made about the Katy mattress company and they have been in business since early 2013 which is a long time for a bed in a box company.

All and all, a great company with a great product.

Trial Period and Refunds


The Katy mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial in which you can return the mattress for a full refund.

As I said earlier, we went through the return process as customers do know exactly how simple it is.

You simply send them an email requesting that to return the mattress and they will send you a donation link. 

You fill out the information and select a pickup date. On the day of the pickup, they will give you a receipt that proves the mattress has been picked up. You then send that receipt to the Katy company via email.

On the day you send the pickup receipt, they refund your money in full, at least that how easy it was for us.

Trial & Refunds
Excellent 94%



The Katy warranty works like most online mattresses, but instead of 10 years, it’s for the lifetime of the original purchaser.

The warranty protects against any body impressions that are more than 1.5 inches (one and a half inch). 

The customer will not pay for redelivery or any fees to have the mattress replaced. To make sure your warranty claim gets approved (with any mattress), simply take a picture with a roller showing the impression is greater than 1.5 inch. 

Excellent 98%

Shipping Options


The Katy mattress company will always give shipping for free to US residents. However, if you don’t want to unbox the mattress and set it up on your bed and would rather someone else does it for you then you do have two add-on shipping options.

In-home setup for $149. This one means that they will bring the mattress to the room of your choice and unbox it on your bed, then remove the box and the bag of the mattress and you don’t have to do anything.

In-home setup & removal for $199. This one is basically the same but with the addition of mattress removal. So, the delivery team will first remove the old mattress for you the bring the new one and set it up.

Remember that like the rest of the mattress companies, delivery add-ons are not refundable in case you ask for a return. Instead, they will refund you the full amount of the mattress and considering that Katy is not that heavy, it would be best to just get the free delivery but that is up to you.


Some FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

The Katy mattress is CertiPUR-US certified for being made without harmful chemicals like PBDEs, phthalates, ozone depleters, Mercury, heavy metals, Lead, or formaldehyde.

The cover is made of natural Aloe Vera and cotton with and so no worries there. This is especially important since the cover is the part that comes in contact with your body.

Katy also uses a natural fire retardant which is not just better for cooling but also safer for indoor air quality.

Overall, Katy is much safer than most memory foam mattresses and we didn’t notice side effects that are usually associated with cheap quality memory foam mattresses. 

When we first got the new mattress and unboxed it, there was a minor new bed smell that all mattresses have and even that was dissipated quickly. There is a couple of reasons for that.

First, because Katy is CertiPUR-US certified, it doesn’t have the chemicals with foul smells like formaldehyde. And second, Katy’s O-Cell technology really felt like the mattress simply airs better. Most memory foam mattresses trap heat, motion, and odors but this wasn’t the case with Katy during the test.

Yes, Katy is an all-foam mattress that is very flexible. We did test it on an adjustable base and it was perfectly fine. The company itself says that using the mattress with an adjustable base is fine and will not void the warranty.

Yes, so long as it is in good condition and has no sagging. Do keep in mind that foundations that have sagging like old box springs and slatted foundations with gaps greater than 4 inches will void the Katy warranty.

The Katy mattress’s cover is not waterproof and so if no protector is used, body fluids will eventually go through to the mattress and stain it voiding your warranty. This is in case you didn’t spill anything by mistake. We certainly recommend using a mattress protector to protectors the investment you made into the mattress, especially since protectors are the healthier way to sleep anyway.

Overall, Katy has a nice universal firmness and feel that works for side and back or combo sleepers in general. Its high-density foams (comfort and base) make it well accommodating for heavier and lighter people alike. It comes with a lifetime warranty, free shipping,  and a 100-night sleep trial. The Company itself has been in business since 2013 and has a good giving back sprit.

In short, Katy is a 10-inch memory foam mattress with a unique O-Cell technology, good cooling, excellent pressure relief, comfort and support and a price that makes it one of the best budget choices in the industry today.

Overall Rating

Our team gives the Katy Mattress 93 out of 10 in Overall Rating

Excellent 92%
Excellent 95%
Sleep Cool
Excellent 92%
Edge Support
Great 85%
Motion Transfer
Excellent 97%
Good For Sex
Excellent 90%
Excellent 95%
Excellent 90%
Excellent 90%
Trial & Refunds
Excellent 94%

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