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Best Memory Foam Pillows 2021 (Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)


It is almost impossible to have a comfortable night’s sleep without a good pillow. Some of the best pillows in the market today are memory foam pillows.

Made from viscoelastic polyurethane, memory foam pillows are known to contour to your head perfectly, offering a soft supportive surface to lie on.

The experience of lying on such pillows can only be described as sleeping on a cloud.

To help you buy the right memory pillow, we made a comprehensive list of pillows that we tested and chose as the best.

We also have a buying guide for you after which features factors to consider when buying pillows, advantages of these types of pillows, and a comparison guide for different pillow materials.

Without further ado, here are the best memory foam pillows of 2019:

Best Memory Foam Pillows 2019

#1 Eden Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow
best adjustable memory foam pillow
# 2 Layla Kapok Memory Foam Pillow
kapok memory foam pillow
#3 Bear Pillow
bear pillow reviews
# 4 EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow
#5 Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow
best shreded pillow

Eden Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow

(Best Overall)​

best adjustable memory foam pillow

Best Overall

The Eden Adjustable memory foam pillow can be, as the name suggests, adjusted making it work for almost anyone.

However, that is not the only reason why we think it’s a great pillow.

The shredded memory foam parts are also gel-infused and the cover utilizes bamboo viscose increasing the cooling factor of the pillow.

The Eden pillow by Coop Home comes with a separate bag for you to add to the loft of the pillow to make it fit your sleeping needs.

  • It can be cleanly and neatly adjusted to better suit each individual’s specific needs.
  • Gel-infused memory foam and bamboo cover insure cooler nights.
  • Being CertiPUR-US and GREENGUARD Gold certified means being made safe and without harmful chemicals.
  • The Eden Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow comes with 100 nights free return trial and 5-year warranty.
best adjustable memory foam pillow

Layla Kapok Memory Foam Pillow

(Best Luxury )

kapok memory foam pillow

Best Luxury

As always, the Layla company is known for its unique innovations and their Kapok memory foam pillow is no different.

The Layla Kapok memory foam pillow uses a copper-infused cover to enhance recovery and improve hygiene of sleep. The fill which is memory foam and Kapok is adjustable to make sure it works for the majority of people. The combinations of features offered by the Layla pillow is what made it our luxury pick.

  • CuTEC copper-infused yarn woven with the pillow cover to increase the pillows cooling and overall performance.
  • The Kapok and memory foam fill, make the Layla pillow more convenient yet still eco-friendly.
  • The medium-soft firmness and fluffiness of the Layla pillow give it a down-like feel.
  • Layla Kapok memory foam pillow comes with a 120-night sleep trial and 5-year warranty.
kapok memory foam pillow

Bear Pillow

( Best Solid Memory Foam )

bear pillow reviews

Best Solid Memory Foam

If you don’t want or don’t like the shredded memory foam feel then the Bear pillow is one of the best solid memory foam pillows you can find.

The main issue with solid memory foam pillows is that they tend to sleep hot but that is certainly not the case with Bear. It uses a double ice fabric that stays cool through the night with an opening on both ends of the cover to allow for better air circulation.

  • The Bear pillow has a good medium feel and isn’t too high loft or too low making it our best solid memory foam choice.
  • LOFT-X hybrid foam feels closer to latex and has good bounce and support for the neck.
  • Overall the Bear pillow offers great cooling and breathability and never felt too warm during the test.
  • The Bear pillow comes with a 100-day sleep trial and 2-year warranty.
bear pillow reviews

EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow

( Best Contour )

After the shredded and solid memory foam pillows, the contour pillows are most popular. According to our tests, the best contour pillow that we found is the EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow.

Unlike most this contour pillow has a small piece of the fill that can be removed to reduce the loft and I personally found it necessary as the original feel was too high for me.

  • Best contour memory foam pillow with good construction and innovative adjustability. The design is unique and helps reduce neck pain.
  • rayon and polyester blend cover felt soft and comfortable without overheating at night. The cover is also zipper so it can be washed easily.
  • The EPABO Contour Memory Foam Pillow has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

(Best budget)

best shreded pillow

Best Budget

If you simply want a non solid no contour memory foam pillow at a great price then the – Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow is a good consideration.

There were a lot of different cheap memory foam pillows out there but this one caught our attentions after we tested it because of its great quality and how comfortable t felt.

  • Certified non-toxic materials are used in this pillow. We didn’t smell any bad odors during the testing period.
  • Zipped bamboo blend cover for ease of maintenance and breathability.
  • 120-night money back guarantee.20 year warranty.
best shreded pillow

Memory Foam Pillow Buying Guide

How to Shop for the Best Memory Foam Pillows and what to Look for?

Shopping for pillows sounds easy but shopping for the right pillows isn’t as easy.

When shopping for the Best Memory Foam Pillow, the first thing that should be on your checklist is the foam’s density and viscosity.

When these two are high, you are sure to get the best neck and back support.

Pillow size, feel, firmness, and your sleeping position are other things to look out for when buying a memory pillow.

The wrong pillow can rob you of quality sleep and cost you your physical health.

That is why you need to be extra cautious when shopping for your pillow.

  1- The Right Loft and Firmness


The loftiness of a pillow is its height when placed flat on the bed.

Many times we are tempted to buy the plumpest and fluffiest pillows without considering how it will affect our sleeping posture.

  Sleep style and pillow selection


Our sleep posture is directly affected by the loftiness and firmness of a pillow.

Keeping your sleep position in mind is crucial when determining the loft and firmness of a pillow.

For example,

A side sleeper will want to pick a pillow with a high loft. Higher loft pillows help close the gap between the shoulder and the head, preventing the neck from twisting out of place due to the head tilting awkwardly.

A back sleeper, on the other hand, will want a medium loft pillow. A medium loft pillow will help support the head without raising it too high causing the neck to strain.

And if you are a stomach sleeper, and need to sleep with a pillow, then a low loft pillow will work best. This type of pillow will prevent your head from tilting back, something that can hurt your spine.

 Please note also that some pillow materials lose their loftiness as time goes by. Luckily, memory foam is one of the most durable bedding materials out there.

   Pillow Firmness

When it comes to the firmness of a pillow, your body weight plays a crucial role.

Heavier people should go for a firm pillow, while lighter people should opt for a less firm pillow.

The higher the weight the more compressed a pillow is and this has many implications including one’s comfort, and the pillow’s durability.

  2- The Right Size

The size of your mattress determines the size of the pillows you should buy. 

Most companies offer standard size pillows but there are many other sizes. For example:

  Standard size

A standard pillow measures 20 x 26 inches and it is the most common pillow.

It is best for every body-size, including children. It can be used on any type of mattress.

  Super standard measures

Super standard measures 20 x 28 and is best for twin and full-sized beds.

It fits perfectly into a queen-size pillowcase and can be slept on by two sleepers as it’s wide enough.


Queen-size pillows measure 20 x 30 inches and are 4 inches wider than standard pillows.

Regardless of this fact, most people end up using the queen and standard pillows together unknowingly.

  King size

King size pillows are the largest and have the biggest measurements so far.

They measure 20 x 36 inches and are best used for king size mattresses or décor purposes.

King size pillows have a lot of material in them and are not the best for sleeping on.

They are, however, good for reading or working in bed.

  Body Pillows

Body Pillows work well with pregnant women and side sleepers.

They help align your spine as they support your leg, back, and head.

  Travel Pillows

Travel Pillows, they measure 11 x 16 inches and are used to support your head and neck while traveling.

They are suitable even for children and are easily portable hence the name.

  3- The Right Cover

Pillow covers serve as accessories. There is a big difference between pillow covers and pillowcases.

Without pillow covers, all you get are shredded chunks that form a memory foam pillow.

Pillow covers are what holds the material that creates the pillow itself.

The types of material that a pillow cover is made of affects your health and the quality of sleep you get. Cooling and natural covers work best.

Natural covers

Natural covers like bamboo and cotton which are made out of all-natural ingredients are moisture-wicking and highly breathable. Their hypoallergenic nature makes them good for your health. Besides natural materials tend to last longer than their counterparts.

If you tend to sleep hot, then you should choose a pillow with a cooling cover.

Cooling pillow covers are great at keeping you cool. Their open-cell nature helps promote a free flow of air, keeping you cool through the night.

Synthetic materials like polyester, on the other hand, aren’t the best option as they are made from petrochemicals, are of poor quality, and sleep hot.

A pillow cover is as important as the pillow itself, choose the right cover. A good cover will also be durable.

  4- Natural and Cooling Materials

One of the most common sleep problems is waking up hot and sweaty. And research shows that the head heats up faster than the body. To solve this, pillow manufacturers have designed ways to keep your head cool during the night.

They now include cooling materials such as gel or copper-infused memory foam and open-cell technologies in the creation of your pillows.

They then combine these cool materials with cooling covers made out of natural materials such as Bamboo, Natural Cotton, Aloe Vera, and Celliant.

By using open cell technology, the materials in a pillow breathe better and allow a free flow of air, helping you stay cool at night.Gel-infused memory foam is good at absorbing excess heat and dissipating it away from the body, keeping you cool. 

Copper-infused memory foam works the same way. There are various natural cooling covers such as bamboo, Aloe-Vera, natural cotton, and more. If you want a cooling pillow, pick one with covers made out of these cooling materials.

In the end, make sure that your cooling pillow matches with your cooling sheets or mattress protector. Luckily, most pillow sellers package them with sheets and pillowcases.

  5- Adjustable Loft and Firmness


Adjustable pillows give you the option to customize your pillow to your desired loft and firmness feel.

These types of pillows usually come with three different layers so that you can adjust the height and thickness of the pillow.

This is a great pillow for combo sleepers. You can add or remove layers until you find the perfect combination to suit your sleeping style.

  6- Price that Matches Quality


The price of a memory foam pillow should tell you a lot about its quality. 

While a $20 pillow will be okay, you will probably get what you paid for.

A good quality pillow will range from $30 to $150. Be wary however of any price above $150.

To determine whether the price is worth it, check the quality of the pillow.

You can tell a pillow is quality if it is made out of higher density foam, cooling materials, and natural ingredients.

Another thing to look out for is the reputation of the pillow company, customer reviews, warranty and trial periods.

  7- Good reviews and Company Reputation


Always do a thorough company background research before you purchase any product.

To avoid falling victim to low-quality products. Check the company’s reputation behind the products you buy.

A good way to find out if what is advertised is what is delivered is by reading past customer reviews.

  8- Good Return Policy and Warranty

Lately, there has been an upward trend in bed-in-a-box-companies.

These are bedding companies that sell products online. Pillows sold online are cheaper and at times more quality than store-bought pillows.

However, you won’t have a chance to test out such pillows before using them. As such, be on the lookout for good return policies and warranties.

A good pillow warranty will cover factory and premature damages. Such as premature deterioration of the pillow’s inner fillings. 

A good warranty repairs or replaces the product if there are signs of faulty workmanship.

Look for a warranty that is at least over a year long.

To help you test the pillow’s compatibility look for a minimum of the 30-day return period. This way you won’t be stuck with a pillow that doesn’t satisfy your needs.

Is a Memory Foam Pillow for you?


 Memory Foam Pillows Advantages


Memory foam pillows are not only comfortable but are second to none in giving you a tranquil night’s sleep.

We spend a reasonable amount of time sleeping every day and that necessitates the need for pillows.

With the kind of comfort and support that memory foam pillows offer, you can wake up feeling more relaxed and refreshed.

Below are some of the advantages that you get from using a memory foam pillow.

  1- Excellent Pain and Pressure Relief


One of the greatest benefits of memory foam pillows is their ability to reduce pain and offer pressure relief.

This is achieved by the memory foams’ ability to conform to your body as you lie on it.

Memory foam contours perfectly to each pressure point creating the perfect spine alignment.

The alignment prevents excess pressure on pain points. Thus, relieving you of pain.

As you lie on the pillow, the neck is well supported which prevents it from receiving all the pressure exerted by your body’s weight.

If you suffer neck or lower back pains, a good pillow might just be what you need to relieve these pains.

Memory foam has long been used in hospitals to provide comfort to patients suffering from extreme pain. Therefore, it’s a good choice for anyone looking to manage pain points better.

  2- Sink in and Moldability

Memory pillows use a shredded or regular block of memory foam as infillings.

Shredded foam results in the pillow’s moldability, while regular foam offers the sink-in feel that people love so much.

If you love to fluff, smoosh, and sculpt your pillow into the desired mold then you will like the shredded memory foam pillow.

However, if you are looking for a more supportive memory pillow, then you are better off with the regular pillow.

Something about shredding memory foam makes it softer and it tends to bottom out more.

One advantage of shredded memory foam, however, is its ability to breathe better. It, therefore, sleeps cooler than regular memory foam.

In the end, the choice between shredded memory foam and regular memory foam pillow will depend on your preferences.

  3- Great Support

Memory foam’s viscoelastic nature is activated when it absorbs energy produced from heat and pressure.

The viscous and elastic nature of the foam allows you to sink into it, but not entirely because of the elastic responsiveness. 

Memory foam’s ability to return to normal once you get off it makes it a great pillow for support

The foams responsive nature and ability to distribute your weight evenly across the surface creates the right amount of comfort and support.

As mentioned before, some sleeping styles need more support than others.

Side sleepers should especially pick memory foam that has a higher loft and is firmer for even greater support.

  4- Long Lifespan

Memory foam is a very long-lasting bedding material.

Research shows that memory foam pillows can last over 2years which is twice as long as regular pillows last.

Just ensure you buy quality memory foam and not the cheap imported memory foam that wears out faster.

Another thing to look out for is the density of the foam used to make your pillow.

Higher-density foams produce more durable pillows than low-density foams. 

Ensure that the company you are buying from adopts quality standards in its memory foam production to get a high-quality pillow which is also durable.

Memory foam’s responsive nature also helps them maintain their shape longer and prevents quick wear and tear.

  5- Amazing Value

Memory foam has many benefits including affordability. With benefits such as comfort, pain-relieving features, durability, and support.

Amazingly, one can find a good memory foam pillow for under $100.

Shredded pillows, however, can be slightly more expensive but there isn’t any much difference in price.

The price difference that you get between the queen, standard and king sizes is around $5 which is an amazing deal.

Be wary however of extremely cheap memory foam pillows, this could be made of low-density memory foam which doesn’t last very long.

Just like the point mentioned above some imported memory foam is not good quality.

Considering the many benefits that come with a memory pillow, these pillows present value for money.

  6- A Lot of Choices

With memory foam pillows, you are spoilt for choice.

These pillows are easy to mass manufacture and are therefore made in different shapes, sizes, features, and colors.

These many options allow you to choose exactly what you want.

Features like an adjustable loft, allow you to customize the perfect pillow height. Shredded pillows can be molded to your specific desires.

Different colors and shapes help improve your décor and the use of cooling materials and natural covers helps you sleep cooler and healthier.

Compared to other pillow material, memory foam offers the most variety. As such, with a bit of digging around, you can find just the right addition to your sleep environment.

 Memory Foam Pillow VS Latex Pillow


Memory foam is a relatively newer innovation. As opposed to latex which has been in existence for decades now.

Both pillow materials come with their pros and cons.

It’s these differences that we delve into, to help you choose the right pillow.

  Material used

Most adjustable beds come with a massage function. What this does, is help improve blood flow to your joints and muscles.

Even without the massage function, the bed’s ability to help you shift into different positions easily helps improve blood circulation in the body.

By tilting the head upwards, you allow your body to breath better as you sleep.

This enhances oxygen supply to remote regions of your body, which helps restore your body tissue relieving you of pain and stiffness.


Memory foam has a sleep in feel while latex has asleep on feel.

Memory foam works by absorbing energy produced by heat and pressure while we sleep.

That energy helps the viscoelastic material to soften which helps it contour to our bodies perfectly.

This allows our bodies to sink into the pillow, producing the controversial sink-in feel that has just as many fans as haters.

Latex, on the other hand, is bouncy and though it contours to the body, it doesn’t have as much give as memory foam. Latex is a very responsive material as such it bounces back faster than memory foam, creating a floating on bed type of experience.

  Comfort and Support

When it comes to comfort nothing can beat memory foam.

Memory foam was formulated by NASA scientists to act as a cushioning material for their pilots in case of a crash

It’s recognized in many industries for its comfort feature. Its ability to contour to the body gives off a cradling feeling that most have likened to sleeping on a cloud.

Latex also contours to the shape of the body but is a bit more resilient than memory foam which makes it an excellent option for support.


The major complaint about memory foam is that it sleeps hot.

Traditional memory foam features a closed-cell structure. This inhibits airflow which causes the pillow to sleep hot.

However, modern foam is adopting open cell technology to allow the pillow to breathe more and hence sleep cooler.

Cooling technologies such as shredded pillows, or gel and copper infused memory foam, have also improved the cooling nature of memory foam pillows considerably.

100% latex, on the other hand, sleeps cool because it’s a natural material.

Latex is open-cell in nature which allows it to breathe while you sleep.

The pinholes created during its production enhance this cooling ability.

If cooling is a priority for you, we recommend you consider a latex pillow over memory foam.


Both Memory foam and latex materials produce long-lasting pillows.

Memory foam pillows can last up to 2 years or more. The foam’s properties allow it to retain its shape for long without wear and tear.

A quality cover also goes a long way in ensuring your memory foam pillow lasts long.

Conversely, Latex lasts for more than 3 years. Its natural nature makes it one of the most durable pillow material.


With removable covers and cases, memory foam and latex pillows should be easy to maintain.

The covers and cases are machine washable and can be washed as many times as possible to give you a fresh surface to lay on.

Both latex and memory foam are hand wash only.

They should be washed in a tub of warm water using a gentle detergent then air-dried. Some manufacturers specify that this type of pillow should be dry cleaned only.

Kindly follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid voiding the warranty.

Placing memory foam and latex pillows in the washing machine might destroy them. Besides, this type of pillow shouldn’t be exposed to a high temperature which might denature them.

  Price and Value;

Memory foam pillows could be slightly cheaper than latex pillows.

Latex is expensive to source and produce, hence its products are more expensive.

The quality of both materials doesn’t differ much. Though, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

However, they are both values for money and way better than most pillows in the market.


Memory foam is now mass-produced making its pillows readily available.

Natural latex, on the other hand, is not as readily available.

To compensate for this, most manufacturers tend to use synthetic and blended latex to lower the cost of the materials and the product.

Check your pillow tag to ensure you have bought 100% pure latex. The synthetic and blended latex don’t come with the benefits of natural latex.

Memory Foam Pillow VS Down Pillow

  The material used;

Memory foam as said earlier is made out of viscoelastic polyurethane. This material makes it firm and strong.

Down pillows are made from the feathers of the underside of ducks or geese

The feathers are collected from bird molting and at times are plucked directly from the bird.


Down is the softest and fluffiest pillow material out there.

Most people who have slept on down compare the experience of sleeping on a cloud.

Memory foam feels firm at first but after a while, it softens as it absorbs the body’s heat energy.

Comfort and Support;

Memory foam offers a good balance between comfort and support.

The ability to contour to your head helps relieve pressure points providing a comfortable sleep experience.

Memory foam is also a highly resilient material, its ability to bounce back allows it to offer superior support to Down.

Down is very soft and also contours to the body easily.

However, down tends to bottom out as the night progresses due to the loss of air in between the feathers. Thus, down constantly needs fluffing to puff it up.


When combined with the right cooling accessories, like infillings, covers, and pillowcases, memory foam can provide the cool and breathable feeling that you need.

Down has gaps between the feathers which allows it to breathe, keeping you dry.

Though Down is good for warming, it prevents moisture from collecting, keeping you dry at night.

This helps it maintain the right temperature throughout the night.


Memory foam’s ability to bounce back after the pressure from the sleeper has been lifted makes it a rather long-lasting pillow.

This feature helps memory foam pillows retain their shape longer.

With proper maintenance, down pillows can last for about two to three years.

To last long, it is best to avoid washing them too many times as this will reduce the lifespan.


Maintaining a memory foam pillow is easy because they require fewer washes.

Just ensure you buy a couple of machine-washable removable covers and cases.

Down pillows are very easy to maintain. You can easily machine was them. This makes them even fluffier than before.

They can also be machine dried which means that you can wash, dry, fluff and use the same day.

  Price and Value;

Memory form pillows are a bit more expensive than down pillows.

But given the benefits presented by these pillows, they are well worth the extra bucks.

Down pillows, on the other hand, are not expensive when compared to memory foam.

The difference between the two is quite significant.


Memory foam is readily available because many manufacturers are making them.

They are available in different sizes, features, shapes, and prices almost everywhere. 

Down pillows are available in all sizes, that is, standard, queen size, and king size. Many companies have embraced the technology of making down pillows and thus allowing the pillows to become readily and locally available.

In this guide, we have looked at the factors and considerations that go into making the best memory foam pillows.

We have explained why memory foam is good for you and the advantages that come from using one. We have also looked at the sizes and prices to make work easier for you.

Having compared Memory foam pillows vs Latex pillows, and also memory foam pillows vs down pillows you are now better positioned to choose one that suits you best.

With all the information above, it is difficult to buy the wrong pillow.

Shopping for a memory foam pillow doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you have the right information. Happy shopping.

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