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Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers (2021 Update)

Roughly two out of every three adults in the US sleep on their side. It is by far the most popular type of sleep and also the most difficult to get a mattress for!

There are a lot of reasons why side sleepers find it difficult to find the right mattress. They need a mattress that is both comfortable on their shoulders but still supportive of their lower back. The bed also needs to be cool with very little motion transfer and very good pressure relief to scatter the pressure pint away from the shoulders and hips.

We tested a lot of mattresses and made this list for you that will most likely have the right one for your specific needs.


Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

#1 Latex For Less
latex for less
# 2 Saatva Hybrid Mattress
# 3 Natures Novel Mattress in Firm
best natural non toxic mattress
#4 Botanic Bliss 9-inch Mattress
2" Botanical Bliss by Plush Bed review
# 5 Nectar Mattress
nectar mattress coupon

Latex For Less Mattress

(Best Budget Choice)

latex for less

Best Overall

The Latex For Less mattress has both Talalay and Dunlop in its build and it utilizes it perfectly well. There are a lot of reasons why we chose this as our best overall for stomach sleepers.

This mattress has the right firmness for stomach sleepers as well as the right cooling, support, and the right use of the durable, responsive latex.

Although it is only 9 inches, we noticed that it performs very well for stomach sleepers. Besides a higher profile is not a very strong requirement for stomach sleepers so its low profile here simply translates into better value.

How is the Latex For Less Mattress Good For Stomach Sleepers?
  • It is both responsive and supportive for stomach sleepers as it uses the Dunlop latex and Talalay latex correctly.
  • For being double sided, and all natural, this mattress has a very nice value for stomach sleepers especially.
  • Because it is natural from cover to fire retardant to the core, the Latex For Less mattress offers very good cooling.


latex for less

Saatva Mattress in the Soft Feel

(Best Hybrid Choice)​

Best Hybrid Choice

Though we tested the Mattress in the Luxury-firm, we believe you can go with either Luxury firm or Firm depending on your preference. The Saatva mattress is a great hubris that utilizes two different coil types to achieve well balanced support and comfort.

It has a nice traditional feel that most of us are used to but unlike traditional innerspring mattresses, this bed can last for a good while and perform very well.

Saatva mattress is also not a bed in a box as it comes with a free white glove delivery. A team will come and set up the mattress for you at no additional charge to you.

Also, due to not being a bed in a box, the Saatva mattress has very nice edge support that feels sturdy and nice to sit on.

How is the Saatva Hybrid Mattress Good For Stomach Sleepers?
  •  Saatva has a nice traditional feel without any of the traditional bed’s drawbacks. Sleeping on it we noticed good spinal alinement for stomach sleepers.
  • This bed has a very supportive and responsive build that comes with strong edge support.S
  • aatva is delivered with a free white glove delivery service right to the bedroom of your choice.


Natures Novel Mattress | Firm Support

(Best Natural Latex Choice)​

best natural non toxic mattress

Best Natural Latex Choice

Stomach sleepers require a mattress that is more on the firmer side and since the Natures Novel Firm is the firmest latex mattress we came across; it easily made our choice for the best latex mattress for stomach sleepers.

Despite its 12 inch profile, the Natures Novel is nicely firm and supportive. Its profile gives it the ability to offer a comfortable sleep even for stomach sleepers that are average to heavyweight (180 lb – 300 lb).

The firm Talalay latex on top will make sure that the bed doesn’t push on your pressure points while the extra firm base layer makes sure that you always stay supported even at 300 lb. This nice design makes it so it works for lightweight and heavyweight people just as good.

Also, stomach sleepers that switch between stomach and side, or back will enjoy the benefits of the Talalay latex contouring. The Natures Novel is more universal because of its design.

How is the Natures Novel Firm Mattress Good For Stomach Sleepers?
  • By using both Talalay and Dunlop, the Natures Novel achieves the perfect comfort and support needed by stomach sleepers.
  • Whether lightweight or heavyweight this mattress works well for stomach sleepers of any weight.
  • From the Natural cotton cover and fire retardant to the Talalay latex, this bed sleeps very cool. We did not have any cooling issues during our test.
  • Its lifetime warranty and 100-day trial are a proof of this bed’s good quality.


best natural non toxic mattress

Botanic Bliss Mattress | Medium Firm

(Best Customizable Choice)

The Botanical Bliss Latex Mattress

Best Customizable Choice

If you do not know how firm you like the mattress to be then you should definitely consider this mattress. For stomach sleepers we recommend the Botanic Bliss in its 9” as it is more than enough.

The Botanic Bliss 9” comes with 3 different layers of Dunlop latex with each having a different firmness. You can rearrange the layers to get the best results for you.

Even without its customizable treat, this mattress is worth your attention as it has a nice firm Dunlop latex feel that is both responsive and supportive.

How is the Botanic Bliss 9” Good For Stomach Sleepers?
  • Its customizable features make it good for those that do not know the firmness level they prefer.
  • Being all-natural and organic promotes healthier and cooler sleep.
  • By only using Dunlop latex, this mattress has a very classic latex feel that is over 100 years old and so a lot of people are used to.


2" Botanical Bliss by Plush Bed review

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

(Budget Choice)

nectar mattress coupon

Budget Choice

We chose this mattress as our budget choice for stomach sleepers because, in spite of being so inexpensive, this mattress does very well. We tested it and here is what we think.

Nectar is more on the firmer side. This is good as you do not want to sink in the bed too much as a stomach sleeper but still want that good contouring and pressure relief that Nectar offers.

All-foam mattresses are not known for their cooling ability but the Nectar mattress does a good job still because of its Tencel cooling cover and Gel memory foam that work together to reduce heat retention.

Though materials used are not as durable as natural materials, the Nectar mattress still comes with a very generous Lifetime warranty and 10-year sleep trial.

How is the Nectar Mattress Good For Stomach Sleepers?
  • Supportive, comfortable, and breathable.
  • For an 11-inch gel memory foam mattress with a cooling technology and good durability, Nectar is very budget friendly.
  • Every Nectar mattress comes with a nice Lifetime warranty and 365-night trial to ensure the mattress is suitable.
nectar mattress coupon

Mattress Buying Guide For Stomach Sleepers


What Makes A Mattress Good For Stomach Sleepers?

1-    The Right Firmness:

Firmness refers more specifically to the softness and feel of the mattress from the perspective of comfort. Though stomach sleepers generally prefer firmer mattresses than their side and back sleeper counterparts, the amount of firmness is still determined by the body weight and shape.

Stomach sleepers weighing from 130 to 230 pounds are likely to feel comfortable on a medium to medium firm mattress. These mattresses conform to a certain extent but won’t sink too deep and provide even adequate support.

Preference in the firmness level is different for those weighing less than 130 pounds and those weighing more than 230 pounds.  A firmer mattress is likely not to be comfortable for lighter-than-average stomach sleepers. This is because they do not conform closely enough.

Stomach sleepers heavier than average find it uncomfortable sleeping on excessively soft mattresses. This is especially so if the sleeper has a high concentration of weight in his or her midsection. For heavier people, a firmer mattress will sink less and help align the spine better in most cases.

2-    Supportive and Responsive Materials:

Some mattresses are better equipped to accommodate stomach sleepers than others due to the material composition of their comfort layers and support cores.  A mattress built with shoddy components is going to be more likely to have defects or to simply not meet your expectations.

That said, slow recovery materials will not work as well for stomach sleepers. The amount of support that a mattress provides is determined by how responsive it is to the body’s weight and pressure. The materials used should be responsive and supportive enough for better spinal alignment.

A responsive mattress offers better cushioning in relation to the body’s position on the mattress. In so doing, it aligns the spine without excessive bending or curvature. Sleeping on the stomach requires you have a mattress that is responsive enough to cushion the torso. But it shouldn’t allow the abdomen to sag too deeply as to warp the spine’s alignment.


3-    Cooling and Breathability:

Comfort and support are important, but sleeping cool is just as important for stomach sleepers. Therefore, it is important that a mattress for stomach sleepers incorporates cooling technology or cooling materials.

Stomach sleepers lay down with the entire front of their body on the mattress, another reason they need a mattress with cool layers and cooling technology.  

A mattress that stays cooler does not trap heat. A mattress with micro coils layer promotes airflow and evaporates moisture. A cooling mattress can also be topped with a breathable cover that is soft and absorbent.

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat. You go to sleep just fine, but your mattress warms up throughout the night.

So, you should be looking for a mattress that actively cools you down and allows you plenty of airflows. A mattress that actively cools you down incorporates special textile into the top cover. A mattress with great airflow has aerated foams, coils or gel-like material.


4-    Durable Materials:

Sagging in a mattress is bad for side and back sleepers, and even worse for stomach sleepers. For stomach sleepers, sleep becomes unbearable because the body is not being able to bend backward. Sagging will cause increased pain. So, stomach sleepers must use a mattress that does not sag for a long time.

Sagging is directly related to the type of material used in a mattress. High quality material like Talalay latex and some memory foam won’t sag as fast and will most likely last you a good 10 years. If a mattress starts to break down soon after it’s purchased, the most likely cause is weakening of the mattress at the center where the most pressure is applied.  

This presents an enormous problem for stomach sleepers as the weakening at the center can cause an extreme amount of sagging of the abdomen into the mattress. This is one of the reasons why the emphasis is put on mattresses with durable materials and on mattresses that have a history of durability.


5 – A Good Trial period, Warranty, and Free Shipping:

You need to have a good warranty so that in case sagging occurs, you can replace the product with a better one. As we’ve mentioned, sagging is unacceptable for stomach sleepers.

You need to be given a trial period to test the mattress to make sure that is the right one for you. With free shipping and returns, it ensures you don’t pay if you find out the mattress is not the right product for you.

A no-risk return policy is a common feature offered by online mattresses retailers. As part of this policy, brands offer a sleep trial during which you are allowed to use the mattress at home for a set period of time.  The trial period can range from 30 to 100 days.

Most brands come with warranties that span 10 years or longer. The warranty can cover indentations in the sleep surface or material flaws with mattress layers.


What Is the Best Type of Mattress for Stomach Sleepers?

– Natural Latex:

Latex mattresses rank number one as the best type of mattress for stomach sleepers. Latex material is either natural rubber or synthetic rubber. But mattresses only built with latex are labeled all-latex or true latex.

Historically, latex mattresses were expensive, but the price of many latex mattresses has come down in recent years. The bounce and responsiveness of latex mattresses is a one well-known characteristic making it most suitable for stomach sleepers. It conforms well to the body, which is important for pressure relief for stomach sleepers.

The responsiveness of latex mattresses makes it easy to switch positions at night, but it can also feel spongy, which can be a bother to some folks. It does, however, sleep much cooler than memory foam.

Latex is one of the most durable materials on the market, another plus for stomach sleepers. It is also resistant to dust, mildew, and mold and is known to reduce painful pressure points.

The latex will conform, but offer tremendous support, making a stomach sleeping position feel comfortable all night long. For those stomach sleepers who tend to overheat at night, there is no better option than a latex mattress. Naturally cooling latex is great at regulating temperatures for optimized comfort.


– Memory Foam:

Even though memory foam mattresses are very popular, stomach sleepers who account for 10% to 7% might not find them comfortable. This is attributed to the fact that they are not responsive, and provide little cooling.

Also, memory foam mattresses push the back into an uncomfortable position for stomach sleeping. Memory foam mattresses are durable though and might still work if made firm.

Since sleeping on your stomach causes more pressure points, it’s important to find a mattress that relieves that pressure. One of the best ways a bed can do that is to contour the shape of your body. Memory foam mattresses can do this very well. This mattress adjusts to your sleeping posture and position.

Memory foam mattresses are elastic allowing the mattress to bounce back to its original state. This provides excellent pressure relief and helps the mattress conform to stomach sleeper’s body natural curves. The layer of high density foam provides enough support for the stomach sleeper.

If you are a stomach sleeper who gets too hot at night, you may want to check to ensure that the memory foam mattress you are seeking to acquire is breathable.

This is because some memory foam mattresses retain the body heat around your body. This means that when it gets too hot at night; you will feel uncomfortable.

– Hybrid:

Hybrid mattresses can be a blend of half pocketed coil and half memory foam or latex. It is best for stomach sleepers to go with a latex hybrid. Latex hybrids rank second for stomach sleepers after all-latex mattresses. They are responsive, very cool, natural, supportive, but can be expensive and not durable.

Hybrids use a core of metal coils to serve as their base layer. However, there can be an extensive use of other materials like memory foam, polyfoam, or latex. We say a mattress is hybrid if these other materials account for 3’’ or more in thickness above the innerspring support core.

The design concept behind most hybrids is to benefit from the strong base from coils while adding greater contouring support from the complementary materials.  The coil support system gives great core support, which can be layered with foam and quilting. Stomach sleepers should consider comfort layers to prevent sinking down into the mattress.

Hybrid mattresses offer better conforming and pain/pressure relief than innersprings. They have strong edge support. If you’re heavier then you likely sleep hotter at night since you have more mass and surface area, among other things.

You also will likely need a mattress with a lot more support since the more weight you have the more stress you’ll be putting on the mattress. As such, you should probably look for a hybrid mattress with latex.

Also, hybrid mattresses can last a long while if the correct materials were used. For example, a 14 coil gauge pocked system with a latex top will make for a very sturdy mattress. But remember, this might come with a sticker shock as these materials are not cheap.

– Innerspring:

A conventional innerspring mattress uses a support core composed of metal coils that can compress and spring back as weight is applied and removed. Stomach sleepers will find conventional innerspring mattresses comfortable to sleep if they look out for the right firmness level in these beds.

Truth be told, innerspring mattresses do not offer much in terms of comfort for stomach sleepers. But they are cool and supportive, and they are another good budget choice for stomach sleepers.

Innerspring mattresses are great at helping facilitate movement in bed, and they can prove to offer the level of support necessary in stomach sleeping. However, in general, they can cause disruptions as motion transfer is often an issue.

A classic innerspring with its coil and foam tight top construction can be the best suited innerspring mattress for stomach sleepers. This is because of its super bouncy, support and firmness.

Depending on the number and type of coils, an innerspring mattress can have different characteristics, but the most common is a bouncier support base. While a lot of sleepers would balk at such a bouncy support, stomach sleepers could find a lot to love in this taut vibe.

Innerspring mattresses offer minimal conforming and pressure relief and there could be some early sagging experienced. There is also the potential for noise.


– All Foam:

These are mattresses that are all foam without the use of memory foam. Instead, they use foams like Energix and air foam on the comfort layer and the same HD foam for the bottom layer.

All foam mattresses rank third for best mattresses for stomach sleepers. Actually, all polyfoam mattresses are a good budget choice for stomach sleepers as they are responsive and somewhat supportive, but are not natural and durable.

Even though this type of mattress is not durable, it is not expensive. The softness of the mattress and how much it compresses underweight and pressure depends on the thickness and type of foams used and how they are arranged inside the mattress.

A lot of the budget beds out there will use polyfoam. It is typically responsive and is available in various thickness, firmness levels and densities, which makes it also suitable for stomach sleepers.

All foam mattresses on the firmer side make for good stomach sleeping. Multiple layers of foams can be included to create a dense and sturdy feel that allows you to sink in just enough.

In general, a firmer mattress (usually for back sleepers and stomach sleepers) is going to sleep cooler than a softer mattress, simply because you sleep more on the bed rather than in it.

– Airbeds:

Airbeds might just be the best mattress for stomach sleepers because they offer good responsive feel and cooling. But they are way too expensive. Actually, there are fewer brands of airbeds, but they are a known mattress type.

Airbed gives stomach sleepers a great deal of control over the feel of the mattress. Stomach sleepers are able to modify that feel whenever they want. This is attributed to an incorporated control system that can add or remove air from a chamber inside the mattress. Some airbeds also come with top layers of foam or latex designed to provide greater support.

Airbeds are durable and you can count on them for a long lifespan. They conform close to the body and provide pain and pressure relief for stomach sleepers.

However, temperature issues may arise and there is potential for noise emanating from the air chambers. These and the fact that they are extremely expensive to make them the last in our list.


Other Tips for Stomach Sleepers and Mattresses

 What Type of Pillow Should a Stomach Sleeper Get?

In all the types of sleeping positions, the stomach sleeper perhaps has the most to gain from effective pillow use. It’s not just about focusing on the pillow that you put under your head. It’s also about getting creative with the pillows that you use along the rest of your body.

You carry most of your weight in the hip area. Thus, sleeping on the stomach is likely to misalign your lumbar region. To overcome this, place a pillow under your hips to reduce or prevent this downward bend.  

Sleeping without a pillow can significantly straighten the neck and lead to more comfort on waking up. In this regard, it might help to use an adjustable pillow that allows you to make it thinner to meet your needs.

Pillows should be put under the pelvis and shoulders to prevent end-range extension in the spine and to maintain neutral spine posture. The only way sure way to ensure stomach sleepers get proper support is to put a pillow directly under the pelvis.

You manufacture a lift where there is none, thus creating a neutral sleeping position for sound sleep. Use soft, short, and compressible pillows that won’t exert too much control over your posture.

  Should You Sleep on Your Stomach if Pregnant?

It can be difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy. As the age of pregnancy increases, you find it increasingly difficult to get really relaxed. This is especially so if you are a stomach sleeper. Good news for stomach sleepers during pregnancy there is a solution to consider.

Acquire a donut-shaped pillow to accommodate your growing abdomen. This should allow you to accommodate your favorite position for as long as it remains comfortable.  It might be the most risky to stomach sleep during pregnancy. But health experts often reprove sleeping on the back.

This is because back sleeping during pregnancy is likely to cause a number of issues including the compression of the large vein that runs along the spine.

When the large vein is compressed it can make you feel dizzy and increases the heart rate.

Physicians say it is okay for pregnant women to sleep on their stomach, but most do not because of the high discomfort potential. The expanding belly puts on weight pressure in the back and hips.

As the pregnancy progresses, it becomes difficult to align their spine while sleeping on their stomach. If you find it most difficult to sleep on your stomach as the pregnancy progresses, you can go for side sleeping.


  Is Stomach Sleeping Good For You?

Well, stomach sleeping is not the best choice of a sleep position, to be honest. Stomach sleeping is not recommended by health experts. The meager benefit from a health perspective so it can help limit airway obstruction, which means a decrease in snoring.

The downsides to stomach sleeping are that it can create undue pressure on the spine from the stomach-sinking lower into the mattress and out of line with the rest of the body. Furthermore, when you turn your neck to be able to breathe, this can cause stiffness in the neck from holding it in a twisted position for hours at a time.

Actually, stomach sleeping is a rather tricky business. It can contort the body into a problematic alignment, and can also expose the body to unnecessary pressure on the hips, neck, and shoulders.

Though stomach sleeping can help alleviate symptoms of acid reflux. It is associated with the following issues:

  • Shoulder, lower back and hip pain: most adults carry a high pull of weight in their midsections. Since gravity pulls the rest of the body toward the weight, it can result in aches and pains all over the body. More so in the shoulders, hips, and lumbar regions.
  • Neck strain: stomach sleepers likely sleep with their head craned to the left or right. It is best to sleep with the face pointed directly at the pillow. The head craned to the left or right is likely to cause neck strain the next day. Having a pillow based on the right loft for your weight, shoulder width, and head size can reduce neck strain to some extent.
  • Tossing and turning: even for people who prefer stomach sleeping position, getting uncomfortable at night can be a common issue. Many toss and turn in order to find the most comfortable position at any given time.

Actually, stomach sleeping has gained a bit of a bad reputation. But this can be attributed to the fact that the average consumer simply doesn’t have the knowledge or the information of what to look for in a mattress.

Stomach sleepers need to have the information or knowledge of what to look for that will facilitate their preferred sleeping position. This is why we created this list after many days of research and testing.

Whether you just can’t seem to get comfortable or are looking to buy a new mattress, you now have a much better understanding of what you’re actually looking for. A firm product is much more accommodating, and there are tip and tricks to help you enjoy a higher degree of comfort.

Stomach sleepers need to take extra tender loving care to ensure they do not wake in pain caused by an out of alignment spine. With this in mind, it is very important to get the very best mattress for stomach sleepers that one can find. Stomach sleepers need a mattress that is just the right mix of firmness and softness.

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