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Best Mattress For Hot Sleepers

Unless you have a medical condition that makes you extremely hot at night, you are probably waking up hot because of your bed and sleep environment. 

Our bodies need a cool environment to fall asleep. As such they tend to cool down during sleep, releasing heat into the mattress.

If your mattress is not wired to disburse this heat effectively, sleeping hot and waking up drenched in sweat is a possibility. The heat released from your body tends to get trapped in the mattress. The more it accumulates the hotter you get.

Complaints of this annoying experience with some mattress types have led manufacturers to rethink mattress materials and integrate cooling properties. 

Mattress manufacturers are now designing cooler mattresses with different materials and technology. That’s what we will be looking at in this guide to help you choose the best mattress for hot sleepers like yourself. 


Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers

# 1 DreamCloud Mattress
Dream cloud mattress
#2 Natures Novel Mattress
sweet zzz latex mattress
#3 Bear mattress
bear mattress
#4 Brentwood Oceano Mattress
brentwood innerspring habrid mattress
# 5 Katy Mattress

Dream Cloud Hybrid Mattress

(Best Overall)

Dream cloud mattress

Best Overall

The DreamCloud bed is our best overall pick because not only is it one of the cooler beds we tested but also one of the most comfortable. There are a lot of reasons why the DreamCloud is one of the cooler mattresses out there.

First, the cashmere blend cover is both silky smooth and cool. It increases the overall breathability and cooling of the mattress.

Second, the mattress has cooling gel memory foam and in it along with latex that has natural cooling.

The DreamCloud mattress comes with a full year sleep trial and a lifetime warranty that makes this luxury mattress a great deal. You have a full year to decide whether you want to keep it or not.

How is the DreamCloud Mattress Best Overall in Cooling?
  • Possibly the most important reason being that the DreamCloud mattress is a hybrid with a lot of space for air to circulate.
  • Cooling Cashmere cover for a luxury touch and more sweat-free sleep experience.
  • A gel memory foam layer works along with a natural latex layer to increase the overall cooling of the mattress.
  • A luxury firm feel that prevents over-sinking that causes overheating. Firmer mattresses are generally cooler to sleep on that softer more sink in mattresses. 


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Dream cloud mattress

Natures Novel Latex Mattress

(Best Latex Choice)

sweet zzz latex mattress

Best Latex Choice

Latex mattresses are very good when it comes to sleeping cool and the Natures novel is no exception. The Natures Novel’s Talalay latex makes it cooler than most mattresses in the market.

Natures Novel has an excellent yet unique soft but firm design that works for most people. The mattress is responsive and offers good pressure relief. This increases cooling and reduces sweating.

The cover is natural cotton and even the fire retardant is natural wool so you don’t have to worry about the chemical sack that is found is most mattresses which decreases breathability. 

The Natures Novel mattress comes with a 100-night trial and lifetime warranty.

How is the Natures Novel Mattress the Best Latex Choice in Cooling?
  • Every material used in this mattress is eco-friendly or natural. Natural materials like cotton and , Talalay latex in this bed increase its cooling noticeably.
  • Talalay latex cells are 50% larger than other latex types and since the Natures Novel has it on the top layer, you will sleep much cooler than even other latex mattresses.
  • Since harmful chemicals are usually associated with the mattress sleeping hot and the Natures Novel is OEKO-TEX class 1 certified, you can rest easy knowing that you will be both safer and cooler on this bed.
sweet zzz latex mattress

Bear Mattress

(Best Memory Foam)

bear mattress

Best Memory Foam

We tested many memory foam mattresses and decided to have the Bear mattress as our pick because of its unique approach to cooling from its cover to its base foam.

The Bear mattress utilizes the technology of Celliant in its cover. This technology is widely used to increase the fabric’s cooling. The Bear cover feels cool to the touch and its cooling feature is noticeable during sleep. 

Also, the mattress doesn’t use regular memory foam, instead it uses Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam which is much cooler. We have samples of the Cooling Graphite-Gel Memory Foam and you can feel it being much cooler than regular memory foam.

The Baer mattress has a 100-night sleep trial and 10-years warranty.


How is the Bear Mattress the Best Memory Foam Choice in Cooling?
  • Celliant cover not only increases performance but also the cooling factor of the mattress.
  • Graphite-Gel Memory Foam is much cooler and more durable than regular memory foam. This is the mean reason why we are recommending Bear for hot sleepers.
  • The Responsive Transition Foam under the Gel memory foam layer increases air circulation and overall breathability.  


bear mattress

Oceano Mattress by Brentwood Home

(Best Hybrid)

brentwood innerspring habrid mattress

Best Hybrid


Hybrid mattresses are generally cooler for hot sleepers but there are a few that are exceptionally cooler than even other hybrid mattresses. The Oceano Mattress by Brentwood is just that.

Still, the Oceano mattress made our pick specifically because it is a softer mattress with excellent cooling. Most soft mattresses cause over-sinking which in turn causes over-heating but that is not the case with the Oceano.

The Tencel material is one of the coolest fabrics used in a mattress. It regulates temperature and stays dry. The use of non-toxic materials is also very important since most harmful chemicals increase heat-trapping. The Oceano is Greenguard Gold Certified for using the cleanest materials available. 

How is the Oceano Mattress the Best Hybrid Choice in Cooling?
  • Tencel cover works on keeping the sleeping surface dry and cool during the night.
  • Non-toxic and green-certified gel memory foam offers reduced heat-trapping and more air circulating.
  • 5 zones of individually wrapped coils system makes sure that heat does not get trapped in the mattress and is released constantly.


brentwood innerspring habrid mattress

Katy Mattress

(Budget Choice)

Best Budget 

When it comes to budget mattresses, most ignore the fact that the mattress has to be cool and only use regular materials that very seldom offer a cool comfortable night sleep. Katy mattress, on the other hand, is certainly budget-friendly but still made with luxury materials.

Katy mattress has a simple yet very effective design that is comfortable, supportive and cool.

The natural Aloe Vera cover is soft and offers a cool and comfortable sleep. The comfort layer which is 3-inches of O-Cell memory foam is made with an open-cell technology that increases memory foam performance and pressure relief but decreases heat-trapping.

The base layer of the mattress which is the support layer also uses O-Cell technology making the whole 10-inches of the mattress hot sleeper friendly.

Katy mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and lifetime warranty.

How is the Katy Mattress the Best Budget Choice in Cooling?

  • Natural cool Aloe Vera cover keeps the surface of the mattress cool, dry and comfortable.
  • The O-Cell Technology that is used in the Katy mattress in both its memory foam and base foam, increases the mattress breathability and air circulation.
  • Unlike most budget mattresses, Katy uses natural Silica as its fire retardant. No chemical fire retardant means less heat build-up and more breathability.
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Mattress Buying Guide  For Hot Sleeper


What Makes a Mattress Good for hot sleepers?

There are many factors worth looking at to decide on which mattress is best for your cooling needs.

1-   Cooling Foams:

While memory foams cause an overheating sensation, there are advanced foam technologies that offer good cooling properties such as Polyfoam, Gel-infused foam, Graphite, and copper infused memory foam.

Polyfoam or traditional foam is cooler than memory foam but hotter than latex. It has an open-cell structure which allows free flow of air making it more breathable and cool. However, Polyfoam’s density matters. A denser polyfoam will make your mattress hotter.

Gel Memory foam is cooler than foam but tends to warm up slowly. Hence, not guaranteeing you a full cool night of sleep. However, if the gel layer is laid on top of the foam, it provides a longer-lasting cooling solution.

Graphite has long been used as a coolant in items such as electronic equipment and lubricants. Mattress manufacturers are now using it to help produce even cooler mattresses for hot sleepers.

The graphite works by transferring heat to other areas of the mattress when it’s compressed.

 2- Natural is Cooler:


Natural materials are cooler than synthetic materials. Some natural materials popular in mattresses today are Natural Latex, Lamb’s Wool, and Natural Cotton.

Natural latex is collected from the sap of rubber trees, as such, it’s a 100% green. Its porous nature allows it to breathe well, making it cooler than both foam and gel-infused foams. It is also great for support due to the fact that it is highly resilient. 

Lamb’s wool has the ability to absorb perspiration and create a layer of air between you and its surface which helps keep you cool. You can use a lamb’s wool mattress to cool you in the summer and warm you in winter.

Natural cotton is a good absorbent. It can absorb up to 20% of liquid before feeling damp. This gives it time to dissipate the heat away from you through evaporation, keeping you cool while you sleep.


 3- Green Certifications:

Green certification means a mattress has been thoroughly and scientifically tested by global standardization authorities. To ensure the best standards of product, manufacturing, processing, packaging, and trading practices.

Here are some common certifications to check for when getting a cooling mattress. 


Global Organic Textile Standard ensures a responsible way of collecting textile raw materials and manufacturing them.  


Global Organic Latex Standard outlines the requirements needed to pass as a GOLS certified product from the collection of raw material to manufacturing. For example, a mattress is only certified as GOLS organic if it contains at least 95% of natural latex.


This certification shows that a product has been rigorously tested to ensure it emits little to no Volatile Organic Compounds VOC’s. This helps keep the indoor environment healthy.


This certification certified products that are safe and made without any harmful chemicals. The best OEKO-TEX certification to find in a mattress is OEKO-TEX class 1 certification that certified a product as safe for children under 1 year old.


 4- Cooling Covers:

Cooling covers serve important purposes, one of them being to add a cool layer to your bed. However, you need to determine the Cover that best meets your cooling needs.

There are two types of cooling mattress covers, active and passive cooling covers. Covers can be in the form of pads or toppers. Pads are usually a thin layer used for protection, while toppers are thicker and enhance the bed’s comfort.

Active cooling covers use additional materials such as water-cooled systems and fans to actively keep a sleeper cool. 

Passive cooling covers, on the other hand, use specially formulated materials to keep cooler. These are mattress toppers and pads that use natural latex, gel, or graphite infused foams. They keep a sleeper cool by allowing free flow of air for proper ventilation of the mattress. 

Another thing to consider in a good cooling cover is the formula the topper adapts to produce a cooling effect. It’s recommended to only consider covers that use Outlast technology with PCMs (phase-changing materials) from NASA. This technology proactively manages heat and moisture for a more comfortable sleep.


 5- Less Sink:

Mattresses with less sink tend to stay cooler. One of the best materials used for a bouncier mattress is latex. Mattresses made of natural Latex offer less sinkage. 

The rubber in Latex beds, helps it bounce right back up. This makes it very resilient to extra sinking. However, this is not to say that it doesn’t sink, it sinks slightly contouring to your body shape to help offer the support you need. 

Latex is rated greater than 5 in the sinkage scale thus it sinks less. Anything rated lower than 5 is considered softer and tends to sinks more. Most memory foams are rated lower than 5.

Hybrids are also considered good choices for less sink. They feature an innerspring core with a foam layer on top. These beds are less bouncy with less sink than all-foam/ all latex companions.


 6-  Sturdy Design:

As mentioned above, mattresses with less sink tend to stay cooler. Sturdy mattresses are not only good at keeping cool but are also long-lasting and good for support. 

The long-lasting feature is good because mattresses are not cheap. Some of the sturdiest and most durable mattresses are made from Latex. Natural latex has been known to last up to 25 years or longer.

Another durable mattress is a Hybrid that features innerspring, preferably with a latex layer on top. This mattress lasts longer than regular memory foam hybrids without sagging.


  7- Free returns and a good warranty:


Mattresses are long-term investments. A good mattress should give you at least 7-10 years of service. You don’t want to get stuck with a mattress that is uncomfortable. 

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so, choosing the right mattress is paramount. 

As such, always choose a mattress with a good warranty and that offers free returns. You will want to check such terms such as prorated, non-prorated, and the policy on sagging when considering the right warranty.

Some mattresses offer incredible tryout periods of over 100 days. This can help you feel out the mattress for a prolonged period in order to decide whether you will go with it for the long haul.


What Is the Best Type of Mattress for Hot Sleepers?

· Latex: 


Natural Latex is a good option for cool mattresses. It’s made of sap collected from rubber trees. After frothing the sap is poured into a mound and baked to form a foam block. 

This means Natural Latex is green. Green materials are always cooler than synthetic materials.

How does it work?

Latex features a natural Open Cell structure, which unlike memory foam beds, allows for a free flow of air, cooling down the mattress. Latex Mattresses are also produced with pinhole patterns that allow even more airflow.

Types of Latex

Natural: Latex is categorized into natural and synthetic latex. Some manufacturers say their latex is 100% natural, but that can never be the case since all latex is cured with some chemical in order to foam. 

There are two types of natural latex, Dunlop and Talalay. These are distinguished by their manufacturing method. Dunlop tends to be denser due to its simple manufacturing method. It develops a siltation layer at the bottom which causes it to be heavier. 

Talalay, on the other hand, adds a couple of extra steps in manufacturing, resulting in a softer and more breathable latex foam.

Blended and Synthetic: GOLs, the global organic latex standard declares a mattress natural, if it contains 95% of organic latex.  Anything less than this is called blended latex. 

Blended latex is a mixture of synthetic and natural latex. A blended latex mattress should contain at least 30% natural latex. 

Synthetic latex, on the other hand, is latex produced from chemicals which contain 0 to 30% natural latex. 


Latex is, however, much more expensive than foam mattresses.


· Hybrid:


Hybrids are considered the second-best option in cooling mattress needs.


Hybrid mattresses cut across all popular mattress types by including springs, memory or latex foam. 

A hybrid mattress is made up of a core of individual pocket springs and a top layer of two inches of high quality Memory or Latex foam. 

This make-up allows the mattress to pass more air between the inner springs causing less heat retention and better sleep.  

When topped with a natural latex comfort layer the bed becomes even cooler for those with hot sleeping problems. 

Hybrids Vs foam

The use of an innerspring core causes Hybrids to offer more support and prevent the sagging effect. But more importantly, the better flow of air between the innerspring prevents the mattress from retaining heat. Making it cooler to lie on.


Hybrids Vs Traditional innerspring mattress

Hybrids are better than traditional innerspring mattresses in more ways than one. 

  • They tend to last longer. 
  • The top foam layer isolates motion making Hybrid beds quieter. 
  • The top thick foam layer offers more comfort and support. 
  • The foam layer helps to align your shoulders and hips, supporting the waist and legs.

This, however, makes hybrids more expensive and they are also cumbersome to move and store.

· All Foam:


All-foam mattresses are made up of Polyurethane foam or polyfoam in short. Polyurethane is the most common type of foam in mattresses, toppers, and furniture upholstery. 


They are made from petrochemicals and water and come in different densities, that is, regular, high, and high resiliency. An all-foam mattress can contain one or more layers of different density polyfoams. 

Mattresses made from the high resiliency polyfoam tend to be the most comfortable but also the most expensive of the three and not readily available.

Difference between Polyfoam and Memory foam

Though Memory foam is made with Polyurethane, it differs from all-foam mattresses in that they have additional chemicals that cause them to be viscoelastic.

The greatest advantage polyfoam has over memory foam, however, is that it sleeps cooler. Polyfoams tend to have an Open Cell structure which makes them more breathable than Memory foam. This helps you sleep cooler at night.

Disadvantages of Polyfoam

However, though polyfoams are easy to produce hence cheaper than any other type of mattress material. They have many drawbacks such as

  • They are not durable. Depending on the density of a polyfoam mattress, it can sag within a year of use.
  • They offer no support. Regular and high-density polyfoams tend to break down faster. Their lack of the contouring properties found in memory foams means they offer little to no support.
  • Though considerably cooler than memory foam, polyfoams, still sleep much hotter than latex and Hybrid beds.


· Memory Foam:


The main complaint about memory foam mattresses is that they sleep hot. This is due to the thick density of memory foam mattresses. The density of the mattress helps contour to your body and relieve pain on joints. However, this means that you have to sink into the mattress which exacerbates the hot feeling.


Traditional memory foam is made compact in order to offer the needed contouring support. This makes the mattress less breathable making it hot. 

Manufactures are changing this by exploring new cooling technologies such as the open-cell formula for better ventilation in memory foam beds.

While this is a good move, memory foams still sleep hot. You may need to add a cooling mattress topper when using memory foam.

Benefits of memory foam

While it sounds like memory foam is not the best mattress for hot sleepers, it has other excellent benefits that are hard to ignore. 

  • If you suffer back pain, a memory foam bed would be an excellent sleep companion, because of its pressure-relieving characteristics.
  • Memory foam mattresses are especially great for couples. They isolate motion minimizing the noise created by movements caused by one or both of the partners. 
  • They are light-weight which makes their maneuverability easier.

However, Memory foams are created with chemicals and tend to emit gasses which could be VOCs. Go for green-certified memory foams, they are easier on the environment and cooler.


· Traditional Innerspring:


Traditional innerspring mattresses are still some of the most popular mattresses in America (they make up 2/3 of total market share) and for a good reason. Apart from being affordable and readily available, they are cool enough for a good night’s sleep.


Innerspring mattresses are made from a system of connected springs. Usually with a wool or feather top pad. The spaces between the springs allow for a free flow of air ensuring the mattress remains cool.

Benefits of a traditional innerspring bed

  • Apart from staying cool through the night, traditional innerspring mattresses offer good support for back and stomach sleepers. 


  • Unfortunately, this mattress type is not durable and tends to sag after a short while. 
  • They also lack the comfort and support that foam beds give. 
  • Once the mattress starts to wear out, you could feel the springs poking which is rather uncomfortable. 
  • This type of bed is also very noisy due to its steel parts. 
  • They have minimal motion isolation and hence not the best choice for a couple.

· Air Mattresses:


Air mattress don’t have an overheating problem. They are usually cool and comfortable but off course not durable.

They are created from PVC material or urethane plastic from rubber. It can be tiring to fill up the PVC container for the mattress, so, opt for a mattress with an inbuilt pump. 

If limited by a budget, then opt for an electric pump or hand pump to fill up the mattress. 

Air mattresses are best for temporary use. It’s good to have one for when you have guests and no extra bed. The prices for an Air mattress bed vary from $50-$500. 

  4- The Right Value. (How Much Should You Pay?) :

For you to make an educated decision, you absolutely must know about the cost and competition factor. 

The Bed in a box industry has somewhat changed the mattress industry especially after 2016 when the bed in a box industry exploded. 

Now, most consumers are not oblivious to how much a good mattress should cost and will no longer pay $1299 for an 8-inch memory foam mattress. Also, online customers are a lot more studious and just like you right now, they read and research to get the best for themselves.

So, for the most part, you will get what you pay for especially since competition now is so tough that any company with an abnormally high price will not be as popular as companies with fair prices. 

That being said here is everything you need to account for when calculating value:


5- The Must Have Services (What Every Mattress Should Have!) 


No matter how good you feel about a mattress, there are certain things that it must have or you shouldn’t even spend your valuable time researching it. 

Here are the things you need to look for in any mattress: (any type any price)

Other Tips for Mattresses for Hot Sleepers


· What kind of sheets should I get for cooling?


As mentioned before, natural materials make better cooling fabrics. Such materials as bamboo, cotton, and Tencel make the best cooling sheets. 

Bamboo sheets

Bamboo sheets are known for their breathability and soft nature. This makes them some of the best cooling sheets.  They avoid trapping excess heat from you, to ensure you sleep cool.

Bamboo sheets are at least 6% more absorbent than cotton sheets. This helps them wick away more moisture.  

They are also resistant to pests making them good for people who regularly suffer allergies. 

Additionally, Bamboo sheets drape easily and are naturally sustainable.

There are various varieties of bamboo sheets including Rayon, Linen, and Lyocell. Rayon creates the softest Bamboo sheets. They are softer to touch than cotton sheets.

Cotton sheets

Cotton sheets are the most popular type of sheets for any bedding needs. Additionally, Cotton sheets- especially organic ones are breathable, soft, and absorbent. These features help keep you cool at night. 

There are two types of cotton sheets, Organic and Conventional sheets. 

Organic cotton sheets are sheets made from organic cotton. They are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. When looking for organic cotton check for GOTs or Oeko-Tex certifications. 

Conventional cotton, on the other hand, is a natural cotton sheet grown using the use of synthetic insecticides and fertilizers. 

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, then opt for organic cotton sheets over conventional ones. It’s healthier too. Synthetic insecticides have been linked to a number of harmful diseases and side effects including cancer.

Tencel sheets

Tencel, a brand name of the rayon-variant-Lyocell-fiber is a regenerated fabric from wood cellulose. Manufactured by the Lenzing company, Tencel is hydrophilic which means it attracts more water. This makes the fabric 50% more absorbent than cotton which is great for night sweats.

Other than absorbing more liquid, it also dries faster. This makes it an exceptional fabric in cooling sheets.

Due to the fact that it uses Nanotechnology, Tencel is hypoallergenic. Its fibers absorb perspiration into the inner skin. This leaves no liquid on the surface to aid bacteria breeding.

In the end, Tencel is softer and better than cotton and also cooler than linen.


· What is the Best Mattress Protector for a Cooler sleep?


Mattresses are expensive investments that should be insured for longer durability and aesthetics. You can do this by getting a mattress protector. 

However, most of these protectors have a waterproof plastic membrane that keeps spills, germs, and all other undesirables from getting onto your mattress. This creates a heating problem because of the blocked air ducts that make these protectors poorly ventilated and consequently hot to sleep on. 

As such you should look for mattress protectors with cooling abilities. Mattress protectors that make the use of natural cotton, bamboo, or Tencel materials are known to be cooler.


Organic cotton is a good choice of a mattress protector. It’s breathable, soft, and absorbent. This combination of features helps keep you cool at night. Since cotton is not waterproof, such a topper comes with a waterproof membrane. 

Depending on your needs choose a protector with the right size of microns in its membranes. A micron is the measurement of the length of a microscopic distance. A protector with membranes measuring 1 micron is absolutely water and germs proof but also poorly ventilated.

If you don’t foresee many spills and accidents, you can choose higher microns like 4-5microns.


Tencel, as mentioned above, is an incredibly absorbent fabric and quite breathable too. It’s careful processing also ensures it’s resistant to bacteria and germs.

This material has been steadily gaining traction as the best material for cooling needs. So, a bed protector made from this material is bound to provide a cool night’s sleep.

The only draw with Tencel mattress protectors is that they are quite expensive compared to other options in the cooling category.

Full or partially sided mattress protectors?

This is another issue to consider. There are three types of mattress protectors 1, 5 and 6 sided covers. 

  • A single-sided protector will probably cover the top only leaving room for the mattress to breath on all the other five sides. This will allow adequate cooling due to the unrestricted flow of air.
  • Five-sided mattress protectors, on the other hand, cover the mattress like a fitted sheet leaving the bottom side open. This is still good for allowing the mattress to breathe but not as good as the 1-sided protector.
  • Some mattress protectors encase the entire mattress meaning they cover all six sides. The fact that mattress protectors come with plastic membranes means the mattress won’t be able to breathe. In result, there will be a lot of heat trapped between the sleeper and the bed causing a rather uncomfortable hot sleep.
  • For cooling purposes choose a protector that leaves some sides open for breathability. Only go with the full encasement if you are expecting bed bug issues.

· What is the best pillow for hot sleepers?


Doctors say the head heats up much faster than the rest of the body. For a hot sleeper to enjoy a cool night’s sleep they may want to consider a cooling pillow.

There are two factors to look at when getting cooling pillows.

  1. The filling material
  2. The cover material

The filling material

Just like cooling mattresses, pillows that use naturally cooling materials tend to be cooler. Buckwheat hull and Japanese Corma Beads are by far the best cooling fill for a pillow. 

What they do, is dissipate heat better than most materials. Their ability to not heat up and the increased airflow they provide; ensure you sleep cool.

 However, these are special materials which can be uncomfortable for some and a bit expensive to acquire. 

More commonly available cooling fill materials are gel-infused, shredded memory or latex foams. Gel absorbs liquid and is also slow to heat up, but as mentioned before doesn’t maintain a cool feel the entire night.

Cover material

The best cover materials for cooling pillows are made from natural materials such as cotton, rayon, and Tencel. This helps them absorb excess sweat. Their open cell structure allows for increased airflow helping them to dissipate heat effectively.


This guide is aimed to help you get the best mattress for hot sleepers. We start by analyzing what makes good mattresses for hot sleepers.

Various factors determine what makes a good cooling mattress. These factors include things such as; cooling foams, natural materials, green certifications, cooling covers, sturdiness and sinkage factors.

This guide also deeply looks into the best mattress types for hot sleepers. Under this section, we define and elaborate on how different mattress materials help keep cool at night. 

Lastly, we looked at other tips that help cool down hot sleepers at night such as, best cooling type sheets, protectors, and pillows.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into determining the best mattress for your cooling needs

List down what is important to you before you start your search for your next sleep companion.

Remember mattresses are a huge investment for your well-being, so, don’t shy away from spending the right amount of time and money to get the best product.


We may receive a referral fee each time a consumer uses a link or code on this website to purchase a product with, for more info visit our disclosure page.