Best Mattresses

Best Mattresses (2021Update)

2021’s Best Mattress!

There is a lot to consider when it comes to shopping mattresses. What makes a mattress stand out. Is it the high-quality materials, the comfort, and support, the service, the cooling, or of course the price? The answer is all of these things and that’s why we have compiled this list of the best mattress of 2021 for you as we have done the testing.

We’ve tried many mattresses and picked the best in each category to help you with your mattress shopping.

And we have also made a guide for you to better understand mattress shopping. What to look for? What is better? And how much is reasonable for what type of material?

So, without any more delays let’s get started with our list of the best mattresses for 2021.

Best Mattresses for 2021

#1 Natures Novel Mattress
sweet zzz mattress review
# 2 Katy Mattress
#3 Layla mattress
layla mattress
# 4 Hanna Hybrid
#5 Plushbeds Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

Natures Novel Mattress

(Firm Support)

sweet zzz mattress review

Best Overall

The Natures Novel mattress has all the requests for the best mattress. It is made with the cleanest materials and the mattress is even certified as safe for babies. It is 10-inches thick with a patented build that strikes the perfect balance of soft but firm and comfortable yet supportive. 

We chose this bed as our top pick because it is a truly affordable luxury. The Natures Novel is a high-quality mattress with a lifetime warranty, 100-nigh sleep trial, and utilizes latex to achieve a great sleeping experience at a reasonable price.

We tested the mattress for a long time and found what gives this mattress its great firm support and soft comfort. The Talalay latex on top is softer and more pressure relieving while the 1,086 individually encased coils is supportive and firm. 

Because of its use of natural materials like its organic cover and fire barrier, the Natures Novel is also cool and very breathable. 

Being noiseless with no motion transfer yet bouncy with good support means that this bed is good for couples during both sleep and amorous activities.

Overall, the Natures Novel scores very high on all aspects of what makes a great mattress.


sweet zzz mattress review

Katy Mattress

(Best Memory Foam)

Best Memory Foam

Katy is without a doubt one of the best mattresses overall but for us, it is also the best memory foam mattress. Here is why

The Katy mattress is 10-inches thick with a unique O-Cell high-density memory foam and natural Aloe Vera and cotton cover for a cooling, good quality base layer for support, lifetime warranty and 100-day trial for peace of mind. This makes it a luxury memory foam mattress that is priced very reasonably for the quality that it offers.

Of course, the Katy mattress isn’t only good on paper, we tested it and were very happy with the results.

As mentioned earlier, the natural cover that is known for its water wicking away ability works along with the memory foam in the top layer to offer a cool and comfortable sleep. Though this is a memory foam mattress we didn’t feel hot sleeping on it at all.

The Katy mattress has only one firmness option, but it really is more of a universal firmness that is right in the middle between the firm and soft. 

Another thing that blew our minds was that even the fire barrier of the Katy mattress is natural which adds to the overall quality and cooling of the mattress. This is extremely rare in memory foam mattresses. 

Overall, if you are looking for a great quality memory foam mattress at a great price then the Katy is a great choice.



Layla Mattress

(Best Double Sided)

layla mattress

Best Double Sided

The Layla company definitely does things a little differently.

For starters, the Layla mattress is double sided and has two distinctive firmness options in one mattress.

The soft side has more gel memory foam and convoluted foam to increase the softness and comfort of the mattress while the firm side has the gel memory foam then the base foam to make the feel firmer.

Also, both sides of the mattress feature copper-infused in the gel memory foam. Copper is known for its ability to make the foam cooler and more supportive. 

Though we couldn’t feel the difference tangibly in comfort as Layla feels like a classic memory foam mattress, we can easily say that Layla does sleep cooler than most memory foam mattresses and feel good on both sides.

Layla mattress is also couple friendly since it is all foam and makes no noise whatsoever and transfers little to no motion between couples.

Another thing that makes Layla so good is the fact that all this uniqueness and quality comes at an affordable price.


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layla mattress

Hanna Hybrid

(Best Hybrid Choice)

Best Hybrid Choice

The Hanna is the very definition of hybrid. It has both a pocketed coil system and a top foam layer. 

As far as support, this bed does a great job with its five-zoned pocked coil system that caters to different people with different shapes and sizes. 

For comfort, the Hanna relies on its Eco-Foam for good responsiveness and pressure point relief.

For cooling, it utilizes the soft tufted cotton cover and the open-cell design of its foam. Not to mention the empty space in the pocketed coil system allows the air to circulate for better breathability.

The Hanna Hybrid also comes with a lifetime warranty and 100 days of sleep trial so you get to make sure you are at peace with your purchase.

We noticed that the bed can be on the heavy side, but the company does offer setup and removal to the room of your choice for $199 so you don’t have to worry much about the weight. That being said its always better to ask since their rules might have changes after the virus.

This mattress is a true hotel luxury brought to your home. 

Plushbeds Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

(Best Luxury )

Best Luxury

There were a lot of mattresses that we were considering for our top luxury choice but none quiet stood out like the Plushbeds Cool Bliss. 

The quality and the service that is provided by a reputable company like Plushbeds is only matched by the generous features this mattress comes with. 

When we saw the quality of this mattress on paper, we were very skeptical that the price was too low for the quality. But when we received the mattress and got to testing, we were happily surprised.  

The Plushbeds Cool Bliss is soft to the touch and very gentle on pressure points like the hips and shoulders. 

Though this mattress somewhat hugs the body, it does not sleep hot like most memory foam mattresses. 

Its breathability, comfort, natural materials, and amazing features is what made it our luxury pick.


Mattress Buying Guide 2021


How to find the Best Mattress?

First, it is very important to understand that no one mattress will work for everyone. These are things to look for in YOUR best mattress.

1-   The Correct Amount of Comfort and Support:

We are all different, but there are some things that we equality need. No matter your age or body shape, you are going to need a mattress with good comfort and support. Remember, comfort dictates how quickly you go to sleep while support determines how you feel when you wake up in the morning.

A bed could be comfortable, you go to sleep with no problems but then you wake up with back issues because of a lack of support.

The perfect type of support is the one with a softer comfort and firmer support. The highest satisfaction rating with a soft mattress top like memory foam or Talalay latex and firmer lower like a coil system or Dunlop latex. 

With a good 3 to 4 inches of comfort layer (be it memory foam or latex) the mattress won’t push on your pressure points and you’ll have a much more comfortable night. This leads to you getting to the higher stages of sleep when your body starts to rejuvenate and fix itself faster.

Mattresses with 1 to 2-inch comet layers usually feel like they don’t have enough cushion to feel comfortable while mattresses with more than 5 inches of comfort foams feel like they have too much cushion even if their price tags are hefty. 

The same applies to support. With a good firm support layer, the mattress makes sure that you don’t sink in through the comfort layer too much and be in a bad spinal alignment and feel pain in the morning.

The short answer, look for a 3 to 4-inch comfort layer and a firm support layer to have the right balance of comfort and support.

 2- The Right Firmness:


The highest satisfaction rate as far as firmness is concerned is 5 to 8 out of 10 with 10 being firmest. 

The reason for that lies with how too firm and too soft mattress operate. If a mattress is too soft (1,2,3,4 out of 10), then you will feel comfortable at first, but you will most likely wake up with pain. On the other hand, mattresses that are too firm (9 and 10 out of 10) usually feel uncomfortable from the beginning, and even if they keep your back in a shape, you will feel pressure on your hips, shoulders, and lower back causing you pain just the same.

Choosing the right firmness has to do with 3 things, your body shape and size, your sleep position (or positions), and your preference. We cannot help you with the preference but since the first two things affect your preference heavily; we can recommend what best works still.

As far as sleep positions: 

It is actually not that hard, if you sleep on your side then you need a softer mattress. If you sleep on your back, then you need a medium to a firm mattress. If you sleep on your stomach, then you need a firmer mattress.

However, it isn’t always this simple since most of us have two or three positions. If this is the case, then look for the position that you wake up from. That is usually the position that you go to sleep with and stay with for a long time.

If you think that you spend time equally on two different positions (say back and side) then go with something that accommodates both. A medium-soft, for example, will do.

As far as Body shape and size: 

This is not that difficult either. If you are on the lighter side (90 to 110 lbs.), then you need a softer mattress. A firm mattress will push on your pressure points and make sleep uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you are on the heavier side (180to 250 lbs.) then you need a mattress that is firmer so you won’t sink in too much and feel pain from bad spinal alignment. 

Please note that if you are in the group between these two (120 to 170 lbs.) then it’s better to rely on your sleep position when it comes to firmness as most manufacturers cater to these weight groups.

 3- The Right Type of Mattress​:

Not too long ago there were fewer types of beds than what we have today. today we have too many types of mattresses and we won’t talk in detail about all of them. Instead, we will focus on the four main types of mattresses that are popular and account for more the majority of mattress purchases.

Each one of these types of mattresses has its own strengths and weaknesses. We will explain each in order for you to make a more educated decision and purchase.

· The Natural Latex Mattresses: 

Latex mattresses are rapidly increasing in popularity quite literally due to their natural nature! Almost all foams are chemical to some extent, but latex mattresses are the most natural products you can find when it comes to bedding. 

Being natural also means that manufacturers don’t need to make a man-made hole for breathability, instead of latex is naturally breathable due to its larger cell pores. Especially Talalay latex that is known to allow air to circulate 50% better than even Dunlop latex (which is very breathable).

Latex beds last the longest. 10 to 15 years is very average for a latex mattress with many long term latex users reporting that their latex bed lasted them 20 years or more.

The only downside to latex is its price. Latex is priced above memory foam but that is also changing with more popularity.

However, the strongest negative to memory foam mattresses is heat-trapping and hot sleeping. Because of this most manufacturers worked on making a cooler memory foam mattress and the industry actually did get better over the years.

Now you can find a memory foam mattress with few heating issues like the one we listed on this guide.

· The Memory Foam Mattresses:

The most popular type of mattresses. Through their popularity is directly linked to their availability and price and not because they are the best. Memory foam mattresses have more pressure relief than any other type of mattress and are also known for their durability lasting anywhere from 5 to 10 years depending on brand and how well you maintain them.

However, the strongest negative to memory foam mattresses is heat-trapping and hot sleeping. Because of this most manufacturers worked on making a cooler memory foam mattress and the industry actually did get better over the years.

Now you can find a memory foam mattress with few heating issues like the one we listed on this guide.

· The Hybrid Mattresses:

Though these mattresses are not new, they come to the spotlight in early 2013 when the Mattress Gian Serta marketed them well and gave them to almost every mattress store you can find.

These mattresses are known for combining the memory foam and latex strengths like comfort and pressure relief with the coil mattresses strengths like cooling and support.

You actually do feel like a hybrid memory foam mattress is cooler than a memory foam mattress.

Do keep in mind that what these beds make in comfort and cooling and support, they lack in longevity and price. This makes their value even lower than expensive mattresses as they usually last 4 to 6 years before showing signs of body impressions and sagging. 

From the feedback, we have been gathering we can easily tell that hybrid owners are hippest at the begging of the mattress life and are the least happy after a few years of use.   

Not all hybrids, however, last only a few years, some like the one mention in this list use higher coils gauges to keep the mattress in good shape for longer. 

· The Traditional Coil Mattresses:

These beds are mostly found in the local mattress store or department store because of the way they need to bed shipped. They usually don’t come with a sleep trial and are priced the lowest compared to their three competitors.

Traditional coil mattresses usually use 1 to 3 inches of regular foam or memory foam on top of a coil system (no pocked coil) like the Bonnell coil system, the continuous coil system, or the LFK coil system. 

The main positive to these beds is their availability and how quickly you can have them delivered by your local matters shop. 

However, their negatives outweigh their positives since these beds don’t last as long and don’t feel as good as the other three. 

Since their coil system is not individual, the coils usually feel harsh and push on your pressure points. Also, since most of them rarely use more than 1 inch of memory foam, you cannot feel comfortable on them. 

That being said they are still the most manufactured type of mattresses and are sold everywhere by local mattress stores.

Also, traditional beds are a good choice for guest rooms that rarely get any use or for temporary solutions.


  4- The Right Value. (How Much Should You Pay?) :

For you to make an educated decision, you absolutely must know about the cost and competition factor. 

The Bed in a box industry has somewhat changed the mattress industry especially after 2016 when the bed in a box industry exploded. 

Now, most consumers are not oblivious to how much a good mattress should cost and will no longer pay $1299 for an 8-inch memory foam mattress. Also, online customers are a lot more studious and just like you right now, they read and research to get the best for themselves.

So, for the most part, you will get what you pay for especially since competition now is so tough that any company with an abnormally high price will not be as popular as companies with fair prices. 

That being said here is everything you need to account for when calculating value:

· The type of comfort foam used:

Talalay latex is more expensive than Dunlop latex which is more expensive than gel infused or copper infused memory foam, which is more expensive than regular memory foam which is more expensive than poly foam. 

This also reflects the quality and performance of these materials meaning Talalay is the most durable, cooling and comfortable material while polyfoam comes last in performance. So, you cannot expect a 10-inch latex mattress to cost the same or close to a 10-inch all foam mattress.

·  The type of cover used:

When it comes to cover, the cost is much simpler. More natural covers are more expensive and perform better than blended and all synthetic cover. So, a natural cotton cover is not just more comfortable, more cooling and more durable than polyester but also more expensive.

· The type of base layer used:

A natural latex base layer is more expensive than a pocketed coil system which is more expensive than a high density polyfoam base. 

Natural latex is a very supportive long-lasting base layer but expensive while polyfoam is less in both price and performance. 

· The type of fire retardant used:

This one is usually missed by most people as companies very seldom talk about the fire barrier they use.

The best type of fire barrier is natural wool since it has no chemicals and won’t reduce mattress breathability. In fact, wool is known to increase mattress performance. 

The second best is natural Silica which is almost as good and without bad chemicals.

The worst kind of fire barrier, however, is the chemical fire barrier that reduces both breathability and air quality.

You can find out the type of fire barrier used by chatting or contacting the manufacturer since this information is not usually shared on their website.

So give me some good value examples then?
  • For an all-polyfoam mattress, a good value is $299 to $499
  • For a memory foam mattress, a good value is $499 to $799
  • For a Hybrid with memory foam, a good value is $899 to $1299
  • For a Hybrid with latex, a good value is $999 to $1499
  • For a Dunlop latex mattress (10-inch), a good value is $999 to $1299
  • For a Talalay latex mattress (10-inch), a good value is $1299 to $1899

Of course, there is more to pricing than that, but this is to give you an idea about how much you should expect to pay. For example, it is not a good idea to pay $1000 for an all-polyfoam mattress no matter how good the marketing is. 

Please keep in mind that the opposite also works, meaning don’t expect a $500 latex mattress to be of good quality. Chances are the materials are very low in density, recycled or simply cheap.


5- The Must Have Services (What Every Mattress Should Have!) 


No matter how good you feel about a mattress, there are certain things that it must have or you shouldn’t even spend your valuable time researching it. 

Here are the things you need to look for in any mattress: (any type any price)

· A risk-free trial:

No matter the amount of research you do, the mattress you get might not work. You do not want to be stuck with a mattress that is not working for. You will be spending one-third of the next eight years with a bad mattress. 

The way around this is very simple; make sure the bed comes with a risk-free trial. Risk-free means that you won’t pay anything if you return a mattress.

You don’t necessarily need more than a couple of months to know if the mattress is the right fit but still look for no less than a 90-day trial period.

· Free shipping and returns:

It goes without saying that both shipping and returns should be free. Why? Because that is what the majority of the mattress companies offer, and it is only fair that you get free shipping and returns since you never tried the mattress.

We also advise that if possible, avoid adding optional deliveries like white glove or removal if you can since almost no company refunds these services.

· Free shipping and returns:

It goes without saying that both shipping and returns should be free. Why? Because that is what the majority of the mattress companies offer, and it is only fair that you get free shipping and returns since you never tried the mattress.

We also advise that if possible, avoid adding optional deliveries like white glove or removal if you can since almost no company refunds these services.

· A lengthy and generous warranty:

Though it is recommended that you change your mattress every eight years, it is good to see a longer warranty than just 10-years. This means that the company is using better more resilient materials and also is very confident about their products. 

Also, mattress warranties aren’t all about length, look for the details of the warranty. You don’t need to read everything, just what the warranty covers when it comes to body impressions. 

  • For latex mattress, a three-quarter of an inch (0.75”) of body impression should be where you can request a replacement. 
  • For memory foam, hybrids, and traditional beds, a one and half an inch (1.5”) of body impression is fair.  

Also, keep in mind that almost all mattress companies will void your warranty if the mattress is stained since that means that the foam compressed due to the stain and not common wear and tear.

· At least one green certification:

You don’t necessarily need a mattress to have organic certifications, but it should at least have the CertiPUR-US certification that shows it was made without prohibited chemicals. If the mattress has a certification like OEKO-TEX class 1 or Green Guard then even better. But if they do not have any certifications then the mattress might be a health hazard to sleep on.

· Good reputation and reviews:

By good reputation we mean a company with good reviews on and off their website, good customer service with no known complains and a charitable spirit that gives back a part of their profits to a good cause. 

Best Mattresses Based on Specific Needs or Materials?

– Best Latex Mattresses:

Latex mattresses are known for their natural breathability, extreme durability, bounciness, and their ability to fight bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Latex mattresses are more responsive by feel and usually offer less sink than other types of mattresses. Latex owners rarely complain about the bed being too hot since latex is naturally breathable 

These mattresses are a little pricey when compared to memory foam and traditional mattresses but the package of positive features they bring to the table is what makes them more and more popular as consumers became more and more health conscious.

At first glance they might not seem a good fit for the price but if you ever own one you might not go back to other mattresses. 

For example, some people report that after switching to latex for only a few weeks their sinus infections were gone. These people will most likely stay with latex forever and not because other mattresses are too toxic but because of the latex mattress’s ability to fight bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Another great feature for the latex mattress is how couple friendly it is. This is especially true for active couples. 


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Best Memory Foam Mattresses:


Memory foam mattresses are the most popular mattresses in the industry because of the good value that they offer.

Unlike traditional coil mattresses, memory foam mattresses can last a good 5 to 10 years which for their prices is very good.

Memory foam offers more sink in and “hug” than latex but a little less in terms of support. 

Trapping heat is the most know complaint about memory foam but the effect of this can be reduced if the mattress has a way that makes It cooler like nature covers, gel or copper infusion, and open cell technologies.

Memory foam mattresses do not transfer motion whatsoever. This makes them good for couples but also reduces the quality of sex on the mattress as some couples complain about the bed stopping the rhythm. 

Memory foam mattresses also have much better availability than any other mattress type.

Be aware of the density of the memory foam when shopping however, as the difference between world-class and very cheap is in the density. 

Some manufacturers use low density memory foam (under 3 lb.) and market it as good quality so make sure you always ask what the density is. Higher density memory foam (4 and 5 lb.) like the one listed in this guide perfume much better and last much longer.


Best Natural and Organic Mattress:

These are mattresses that are made of natural materials and most of these are latex mattresses but with green certifications.

They are essentially latex mattresses but cleaner and greener with a price that reflects their quality.

These beds are good for you if you are very health conscious and only look for the best for you and the environment. Do keep in mind that some latex Hybrids mattresses can have organic certifications as well.

In short, if you don’t mind the price tag, these mattresses should be the way to go. 


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– Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers:

Side sleepers make the majority of sleepers. This position is actually good for the spine and the back while also reducing snoring and overheating during the night. 

However, side sleeping can have some issues like extra pressure on the shoulders and hips since we put most of our weight on them when we sleep on our side.

If you sleep on your side look for a mattress that isn’t very firm like a medium or a medium-soft. A mattress that has a softer top with a firmer bottom, so it won’t push on your pressure point but also won’t cause you lower back pain for sinking in too much.

But most importantly, the mattress needs to have excellent pressure relief for your shoulders and hips.


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– Best Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers:

If you sleep on your stomach then there are a few things you need to know when shopping for mattresses.

First, the mattress should be more on the firmer side. Go with something that is medium-firm to firm depending on your weight and preference. If the mattress is too soft, then it will make it harder for you to breath.

Also, cooling is very important for stomach sleepers, more so than other types of sleepers. It is almost impossible for stomach sleepers to sleep on heat-trapping mattresses as they put the front of their body on the mattress.

Another thing is durability, while it is always important to have a durable mattress, it is more important for stomach sleepers since the body cannot bend backward. 

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Best mattresses for back sleepers and back pain:

Unlike what most people think, back sleeping is not the most popular sleep position, it actually is the least popular!

It is, however, the healthiest sleep position and the easiest to shop for since back sleepers do not require a lot of pressure relief. Instead what back sleepers need is good responsive support and a somewhat firm mattress. A medium-firm to firm should be a good firmness for back sleeping. 

Look for a mattress that doesn’t offer too much sink but instead offer a sleep on feel like latex and hybrid mattresses. 

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Best Mattresses for Hip Pain pain:

The hip has the biggest ball-and-socket joint. This joint is very durable considering it ensures the constant wear and tear of daily life.  The hip bone moves freely, in its socket, due to the support of the cartilage.

However, when the cartilage that cushions the hip bone wears down, it leads to general discomfort, inflammation, aches, and pain. This is what causes hip pain.

To go around this, you need a mattress with good pressure relief. Some mattresses contour to the sleeper’s body shape in order to align the spine, pelvis, and hips. This reduces discomfort and pressure points in those areas making for a much more comfortable sleep.

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Best Mattress for Heavy People:

Generally, the best mattress for larger people should have similar characteristics to the best mattress for slimmer people but with more support and firmness.

Heavier people (230 plus pounds) need a mattress that can support their weight so thin mattresses and soft mattresses are not ideal.

Features you will be needing are supportive, firm, extremely durable and comes with a generous warranty and sleep trial.

Heavier people usually suffer from hot sleep as well so a mattress with good cooling technology or natural materials is a must.

Basically, latex mattresses that are 10 to 12 inches think are the best.


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Best Firm Mattresses:

Though firmness can be a matter of preference, those who weigh more or to sleep on their back or stomachs, a firmer mattress is more likely to offer the accommodation they seek.

Traditional coil beds and latex mattresses are known for being firmer. 

You should probably avoid firmer mattresses if you are lightweight, or sleep on your side most of the time. Firm mattresses, in this case, might give you back or shoulder pain.

If you are looking for firmer mattresses, then see what the foam density is. More density means more firmness. Also, for coil beds look for the coil gauge, at 13 or 14 the gauge is considered firm.


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Remember that in while choosing the best mattress for you there are things you need to consider first before the price. Those being the way you sleep, your body shape and size, and whether or not you like to sleep “on” the mattress or “in” it. That should help you determine the type of mattress you like.

After that, determine your budget and how much you are willing to pay then choose from the available choices at that price point.

If you didn’t’ find the answer you were looking for in this guide, then you are more than welcome to contact us with your specific needs and we will do our best to follow up.


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