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Best Latex Pillows (Updated For 2022)

Latex pillows, though not as common as other types of pillows, are increasingly becoming popular. They are known for being highly responsive, supportive, green, and cooling without compromising on comfort.

However, Latex has many considerations to take in mind, before making a purchase. As such, knowing what to look for is crucial in finding the best latex pillow.

That’s why this buying guide focuses on what to look for when buying latex pillows together with its advantages. 

We used this rechearch to put together for a list of latex pillows that we texted and think are the best with each offering something unique. 

So without further ado, here is or list of the best latex pillows:

  Best Latex Pillows 2021

#1 Best Overall

best latex pillow

#2 Best For Side Sleepers

malouf latex pillow

#3 Best For Back Sleepers

# 4 Best For Stomach Sleepers

latex pillow

#5 Budget Choice

Sweet Zzz Latex Pillow

(Best Overall)​

best latex pillow

Best Overall

From all the latex pillows we tested we have to choose the Sweet Zzz latex pillow as our best overall because it works for all types of sleepers. You see, this pillow has an adjustable fill feature and comes with enough fill to accommodate all types of sleepers. 

We tested this pillow with multiple different types of sleepers and found it to work for stomach, back, and side sleepers alike.

Sweet Zzz doesn’t decide what’s comfortable for you and rather lets you decide on how much comfort and support you need. 

  • The personalized fill offers the perfect comfort and contouring to any sleeper.
  • 100% organic with excellent cooling, breathability, and durability.
  • 50 days to try it or return it for a full refund. Also, the pillow is covered by a 4-year warranty.
  • Sweet Zzz is a green conscious company that is well known for its great customer service.


best latex pillow

Malouf Latex Pillow

(Best For Side Sleepers )

malouf latex pillow

Best For Side Sleepers

Another great pillow but this time by Malouf Bedding. This pillow has a very nice high loft choice that works very well for side sleepers in general.

It comes in soft or firm and we recommend that you go with the soft if you are lightweight or mediumweight (under 220lb). We felt that the softer version was much better than the firm because the firm might feel overly high.

  •  Very good fit for side sleeper in general and heavier people also.
  •  comes in the choices of firm and soft in the high loft to accommodate more people.
  •  Malouf is very reputable for making quality bedding products and are known to stand behind their warranties. This pillow comes with a 30 day trial and 5-year warranty.
  • Natural cotton removable cover that feels and looks good.
malouf latex pillow

Plushbeds Shredded Latex Pillow

(Best For Back Sleepers )

Best For Back Sleepers

The Plushbeds shredded latex pillow is our pick for best for back sleepers but the pillow is much more than that.

It is also one of the best shredded latex pillows we tested. Unfortunately, the pillow is not adjustable fill, but it is still very good in terms of quality and comfort.

  •  A more fluffy feel to better suit back sleepers.
  •  Certified to be clean and green with materials to improve sleep experience and overall health.
  • Both cover and fill materials are natural and insure a cooler and more fresh sleep.
  • Though this pillow is of great quality, it has no return policy.

JUVEA Low Profile Latex Pillow

(Best For Stomach Sleepers)

latex pillow

Best For Stomach Sleepers

Very few pillows and even less latex pillows are made for stomach sleepers which gave JUVEA a good gap to fill.

The JUVEA Low Profile Latex Pillow is made exactly for stomach sleepers by being very low profile and plush firmness.

We tested this pillow and couldn’t be happier with how good it felt while sleeping on the stomach and so we made it our stomach sleeper choice.

  •  Though relatively new, the JUVEA pillow is perfect for stomach sleepers. Especially those in the lightweight and mediumweight brackets.
  •  Made of 100% natural Talalay latex, this pillow is certified as safe and without any harmful chemicals.
  •  The polyester/cotton cover is cool and removable for ease of maintenance.
  •  The JUVEA Latex Pillow offers 30 day return in case it didn’t fit you sleep needs.
latex pillow

Latex For Less Latex Pillow

( Best Budget )

Best Budget

Finally, as our budget choice we have the Latex For Less Pillow. This pillow comes in sold or shredded latex.

We tested both and here is what we think. If you’re a side sleeper then you are better off with the solid latex pillow as it has a much higher loft and better support for side sleeping.

If, however, you are a back sleeper then we recommend the shredded pillow for you. Of course, as all thing sleep related, it’s always about your personal preference.

– For the price, this a really good solid or shredded latex pillow with both good cover and fill.

  •  Neither shredded nor solid latex pillows had no breathability issues.
  •  Though the pillow has no return policy it still has a good 5-year warranty.


How to shop for the best latex pillow and what to look for?

When shopping for a pillow, it is possible to judge its quality by how it feels. However, this can cause you to overlook all the important factors you should consider before making a purchase.

Buying a pillow is no longer a matter of select and pay. Quality, durability, covers, firmness, warranty, are other important considerations to make before purchasing a pillow. 

This guide details several things to look out for when shopping for the best latex pillow. 

  1-The Right Profile and Loft

The profile and loft of the pillow you choose are dependent on your sleeping position. Extremely thin or thick pillows can be bad for your sleep and your overall health. 

For stomach sleepers, it is best to choose a thin but strong pillow to avoid raising your head too high which can lead to misaligning your back. 

On the other hand, side sleepers need a high loft pillow. Such a pillow will raise the head of the sleeper to match the height of the shoulders. This offers comfort and relieves neck and shoulder pain. Choose a size that matches the distance from your ear to your outside shoulder.

Back sleepers need a medium loft pillow to help align your head and neck. You may want to buy a soft pillow but in case of back pain, you can go for one with additional support. 

Nonetheless, the best pillow should have an adjustable loft as it works well with almost everyone regardless of their sleeping position.

  2-The right firmness

The firmness of a pillow and its loftiness go hand in hand. Choosing the right firmness is determined by one’s weight. The heavier one is; the more pressure they will exert on the pillow. A heavy stomach sleeper may want to buy a firm medium loft pillow. 

While a lightweight stomach sleeper is better off with a soft low loft pillow. Lightweight people don’t exert as much pressure on the pillow as their heavier counterparts. As such, a firmer pillow is less likely to contour to their features, which can cause discomfort and misalignment.

Heavy back sleepers need a firm pillow while lightweight side sleepers should go for a medium but very firm pillow to offer the required support to the neck.

For back sleepers, your best option is a pillow that is firmer and thicker at the bottom to raise your neck just a bit. You do not want an extra-thick pillow. It will raise your head more than necessary, causing discomfort and at times shoulder or back pain.

  3-shredded vs solid latex

When it comes to choosing between shredded and solid latex, none is better than the other. The choice will largely depend on your needs. 

Shredded, just as the name suggests is made from shredded latex. This type of latex pillow feels fluffier and is more moldable. Solid latex pillows, on the other hand, are made from a solid piece of latex. This type is great for support.

Shredded latex pillows

Shredded pillows are also better at cooling. The gaps between the shards allow more air to circulate through the pillow. This limits heat retention and helps you sleep cooler. 

Most shredded latex pillows are adjustable. You can customize the loft of such a pillow by adding or reducing its contents. Since it mostly comes with an opening to add or remove shredded latex. 

Additionally, shredded pillows are great for people who like to fluff and mold their pillow to the desired shape. 

Solid latex pillows

A solid latex pillow has a more pronounced and denser feel. Making it a great choice for people who are primarily looking for support in their pillows. They also sleep cool because of their latex nature and also spot pinholes for better breathability.

Both shredded and solid latex pillows are very comfortable and offer just the right amount of support that the sleeper needs. 

However, the choice between the two is up to you as it’s a matter of preference.

   4-The Right Cover

Pillow covers are crucial when it comes to a healthy sleeping environment.  Good pillow covers can deter pestilence and offer a safe sleep surface. Generally, more natural covers like natural cotton, Bamboo, or Tencel are better than polyester and synthetic covers.

Pillow covers come in a variety of choices in the market, for example, they can be cooling, allergen barriers, or waterproof covers. 

Besides, pillow covers are known to increase the lifespan of pillows. They offer protection to you and the pillow. They protect the pillow from wearing and tearing, discoloration, and dirt by adding an extra layer of fabric, thus preventing damage on the pillow. 

These covers are also easy to clean, essentially improving the quality of sleep that you get. 

Usually, pillow covers cost half the price of the pillow. Most people assume that pillow covers are not as important but they are just as important as the fill of the pillow. 

  5-Nature is Better

Natural latex is an expensive commodity, to curb its high costs, some manufacturers use synthetic or blended latex to create latex pillows.

While they might be cheaper, synthetic latex pillows present a myriad of disadvantages. Not only are they processed from petrochemicals that have been known to harm the environment, but they also tend to trap heat, causing you to sleep hot.

Synthetic latex is also not as durable as natural latex and is subject to more abrasive off-gassing. Though both synthetic and natural latex offers great comfort and support. The only reason to choose a synthetic pillow over a natural pillow is for budgetary reasons. Or if one is allergic to natural latex.

In essence, natural latex outweighs synthetic latex. 

  6-Good reviews and company reputation

A company is defined by its reputation. There are many latex pillow companies out there. But how can you determine whether you are getting a genuine product?

You can only do this through thorough research of the company and its products before making purchases.

One way to find out whether the products are as advertised is through reading product reviews. Caution should be exercised, however, as people have different preferences, especially when it comes to pillows.

That’s where the company’s reputation comes into play. You can learn whether the reputation of a company is good by simply asking those around you or the internet. It is unnatural to praise bad services and so you are guaranteed to learn the truth. 

  7-Good Return Policy and Warranty

The excitement of shopping for new pillows can make you forget and overlook the most important things, like good return policy and warranty.

Most companies offer a return policy of at least 30 days but if you’re not careful enough, you may end up getting way less

A company that gives you a sufficient trial period to return a product in case it’s faulty, damaged or even if you just didn’t like it, shows that it’s proud and sure of its products. 

The essence of a warranty is to assure you that the products you’re purchasing are durable. With a warranty, you get to have peace of mind as you are sure you can return the product if it fails to perform as promised. 

Latex pillow advantages

Latex pillows are popular for multiple reasons. They are packed with great advantages making them a great investment for your home.

They are durable, offer great support, relieve pain, stay cool at night and are certainly low maintenance. 

Latex pillows are suitable for different sleepers and they come in different sizes.  Unlike most pillows, latex pillows do not produce any noise making it a perfect solution for a quiet night of sleep. 

Natural latex pillows are environmentally friendly and do not pose any health risks to consumers.

Below are some of the advantages of latex pillows. 

 More Natural

All-natural latex pillows have no additional chemicals whatsoever. The only additive you might find in such pillows is food-grade. You need not worry about inhaling any harmful chemicals while sleeping. 

Natural latex pillows are also hypoallergenic. They are dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant. Naturally, the sap of rubber trees is repellent to insects in its pure form. Some if not all of these properties transfer to the latex pillow.

As such, one is protected from mold, fungi, bacteria or mildew. You can sleep comfortably knowing that your pillow cannot harbor such pestilence. 

Even though natural latex pillows are more expensive than synthetic latex. They are undoubtedly good-value-for-money. There is no point in buying a cheap pillow at the cost of your health. Natural latex pillows are your best option for your health and comfort.

  Lasts Longer

Latex is highly durable; its natural nature promotes its lifespan significantly. It is denser than all other bedding materials which means that the chances of sagging, wear, and tear is very minimal. 

Since it is hypoallergenic, you do not have to replace your pillow as often as other pillows because of issues related to dust, mold, or bacteria.

Latex pillows have been carefully and uniquely crafted which allows them to retain their original shape and firmness as opposed to traditional pillows.

These pillows may appear a bit pricier than typical pillows but they offer value for money. You are likely to use them for three to four years before replacing them. 

   Better Support

Latex is perhaps best known for its exceptional support capabilities. Coming from rubber trees, latex retains that bouncy nature which allows it to contour to one’s features well enough while still countering the pressure exerted by the person’s weight. To offer much-needed support.

Latex pillows are very firm and resilient and can accommodate all types of weight without bottoming-out or losing shape. With latex pillows, your head won’t sink-in forming a valley that causes headaches and stiffness when you wake up.

Latex comes in different shapes and you will find some pillows contoured to fit the sleeper’s needs. Helping you achieve proper spinal alignment and better neck support.

Latex is good at managing pain points. This pillow accommodates your body shape naturally offering exactly what the sleeper requires.

Some latex pillows come with an additional removable material. This helps you adjust the pillow’s loft to your desired support level. 

Latex guarantees your comfort and better support.


Latex naturally sleeps cooler than most other types of pillows. 

Latex is the perfect choice for anyone sleeping hot. Its natural state lends it an open cell structure that provides excellent ventilation.

Its breathability makes it the best option for people living in very hot climates. 

A latex pillow can maintain the same temperature throughout the night regardless of your body temperature and the changes in room temperature. This way, your sleeping temperature is comfortable, consistent, and ideal all night long. 

Besides, latex pillows spot pinholes or are shredded for maximum breathability. This makes them the go-to pillow for cooling needs.

  Better Value

Latex is packed with numerous benefits that outweigh its price. A good latex pillow can be cheaper than some memory foam and down pillows. 

Latex pillows are value-for-money, given their cooling, comfort, durability, and support abilities. A good latex pillow with a natural cover will possibly cost you below $100.

Latex, also, doesn’t have to be changed as often, this reduces it’s maintenance costs, thus improving its value. 

Latex Pillows Vs Memory Foam Pillows

Both Latex and memory foam pillows have grown in popularity over time. Each of these pillow types has it’s benefits and it has become very hard to choose between the two. However, the benefits of latex outweigh those of a memory foam pillow. After analyzing the two, the guide below helps compare latex and memory foam pillows to help you choose better.

  Comfort and support

Latex pillows offer just the right kind of support and comfort that the sleeper needs. They easily contour to the shape of the sleeper.

Their highly responsive nature ensures they bounce back to normal once the weight is removed off them. This ensures great support for all body types. Besides, Latex has better support than memory foam because of its stronger, denser nature. 

Memory foam pillows, on the other hand, are known for their comfort. Their ability to contour perfectly to one’s features creates a cradling effect often referred to as a sink-in feeling. This aspect is great for pain and pressure relief.

However, it also tends to trap heat which can make one’s night rather uncomfortable. Memory foam pillows are better for people who look for moldability while Latex pillows offer superior support and some level of moldability too

  Material Used

Most latex pillows are 100% natural. They have no added chemicals making them a great option for people with sensitive skin. They are made from the sap of rubber trees making them naturally soft and comfortable. 

Conversely, memory foam pillows are 100% synthetic. They are made from viscoelastic polyurethane, a polyfoam that is added chemicals to make it viscous. As such, memory foam is not environmentally friendly and has been known to produce VOCs. 

VOCs are toxic gasses produced from the breaking down of the petrochemicals present in a memory foam pillow.  Long exposure to such gasses has been linked to numerous side effects including deteriorating health and distorted cognitive abilities. 

  Cooling and breathability

Latex pillows are naturally cooling. They are your perfect choice for hot climates and also for hot sleepers.

Latex maintains the right temperature throughout the night without being affected by room temperature or changes in your body temperature

Memory foam retains a lot of heat and does not support proper airflow. It’s dense viscous nature traps heat as it molds to your head restricting proper airflow. One of the greatest complaints against memory foam is that it tends to sleep hot.

Though some cooling technologies are being applied to this type of pillow, it still sleeps excessively hot and should be avoided by people who sleep hot.


Latex pillows are a bit pricy but this goes hand in hand with their amazing features. The prices of latex pillows are more consistent and their durability supports their price tag

Memory foam pillows are a bit cheaper than 100% natural latex. Their price range is affected by the specific memory foam pillow that you want to buy. A good memory foam pillow may be at times more expensive than latex. The low priced ones undoubtedly scream low quality and have a shorter lifespan than latex.


Latex pillows are very durable. With the correct pillows covers, proper care and maintenance, they can last up to five years.

Their amazing features do not change as time goes by. So they still serve you the same even after consistent use of over two years.

Memory foam pillows also last long but not as long as latex pillows. Their average life span is between 2-3 years. With the latter only achieved by a good quality memory foam pillow.

Memory foams ability to sink in causes the pillows to sag quickly. This means you need to think of doing replacements from time to time.

  Odors and Noise

With latex pillows, you can expect a little harmless rubbery odor when new but it dissipates in just a few days.

Latex has good motion isolation capabilities which means it doesn’t produce noise when sleeping. This is especially great for people who are easily disturbed by noise. 

Memory foam pillows produce a lot of gassing. This is one of the greatest complaints against memory foam. This unpleasant smell is resultant from all the chemicals used during manufacturing.

Unfortunately, these gasses have been linked to serious diseases such as cancer.

Memory foam pillows are probably the most silent bedding material. Memory foam’s viscous nature makes it great at motion isolation.

This ensures your pillow won’t produce any noise as you sleep. Whether you use the shredded or solid foam, there is little to no noise produced. 


Latex pillows are low maintenance because they are less likely to harbor allergens. They are not machine washable and are better off being spot cleaned, dry cleaned or hand washed and air-dried. 

The covers of Latex pillows can be easily cleaned by stuffing them in the washing machine. Covers make it easy to maintain your latex pillows.

Memory Foam Pillows:Memory foam needs special attention. Like latex, it’s not machine washable and highly sensitive to high temperatures. 

Memory foam is spot cleaned or dry cleaned and air-dried. Memory foam is highly susceptible to mildew because of constant sweating. It, therefore, needs constant drying to keep it fresh and healthy

This type of pillow also comes with covers that can be machine washed. Memory foam doesn’t require fluffing as it naturally bounces back, though slowly. 


Using this comprehensive guide, you can now easily acquire the best latex pillow.

The fact that latex is produced from the sap of rubber trees means that it’s a natural material. Which is safe to sleep on and environmentally friendly. 

As such, in this guide, we look at some other qualities of latex which include superior support, durability, cooling, and comfort. 

However, to help you pick the right type of latex pillow, this guide describes in detail things you should look out for.

Don’t be too quick to pick and pay, but look out for such things as firmness, materials used, warranty, and return policies.

The best latex pillows have proven to be supercooling, breathable, firm, and adjustable.

In the comparison section, it’s clear that latex pillows have an upper hand over memory foam pillows. Their comfort, value for money, and the all-natural effect are exactly what everyone needs for that comfortable and tranquil night.

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