Are Weighted Blankets Hot ? What You Need to Know

Are weighted blankets hot? Many people have turned to weighted blankets, also known as gravity blankets, to help them get a better night’s sleep.

These blankets are the size of a throw blanket but with added weighted material to improve rest quality.

The additional materials usually added to the blanket include pellets, beads, and discs. Despite the extra weight, the blankets are soft and have several benefits.

One reoccurring question however that always comes up when contemplating whether or not to purchase a weighted blanket is: “are weighted blankets hot?”

Being hot can be an issue for persons who live in warm climates, those going through menopause or those who simply become hot easily or sweat a lot.

 If you are asking yourself this question, it may be because you have heard of some of the benefits of owning a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets have been proven to improve sleep quality, alleviate stress, depression, anxiety, and restless leg syndrome, as well as help those with ADHD and sensory processing disorders.    

Those who reap the benefits may feel that the question is not important.

However, it is fair enough to be analyzed by all before making a purchase. These blankets are not cheap, and for some, it may be an investment.

If asking whether a weighted blanket will be hot, the short answer will be —it depends. But if you are willing to try weighted blankets due to the benefits that they provide, there are many tips that you can try to help stay cool.

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  Check the Weight

Although it should be heavier than a regular bed sheet, a weighted blanket should not be too heavy.

A weighted blanket should only weigh about 15% of your weight. Anything heavier than that is too heavy.

If you feel trapped under the blanket or feel uncomfortable, you should probably go lighter.

Holding a blanket should make you feel as if you are being hugged. Anything more than that, your body temperature will surely rise and you will begin to feel hot.   

More than feeling hot, using a blanket that is too heavy may even aggravate the issues that you were attempting to alleviate in the first place.

Feeling uncomfortable may disrupt your sleep, as well as add stress to your bedtime routine

  Check the Filler Material

As already stated, the weight of the blanket is very important when deciding which blanket to buy. How heavy it is depends on the fillers being used to weigh the blanket down.

Today’s blankets are either made from natural products or nonorganic man-made materials.

Natural or organic materials used to fill weighted blankets include sand, glass and steel beads, and pebbles.

Man-made or nonorganic materials such as plastic pellets are also commonly used to fill weighted blankets.  

Studies have shown that natural or organic fillers retain more heat than their man-made counterparts.

Knowing what your blanket is filled with may make a big difference when deciding which blanket is more suitable for you.

  Look at the Fabric Being Used

Don’t only look at the filling and materials being used on the inside of the blanket when trying to lessen your chances of becoming too hot under a weighted blanket.

You should most definitely look at the fabric that is used for the exterior part as well.

\The material and fabric on the exterior are what actually comes in contact with your skin. It will have a huge impact on your body’s overall sensation and be a key factor in keeping your temperature on the cooler side.

Cotton is a good choice of fabric in this case and it is also the most commonly used. It is a breathable and extremely lightweight material — and for the most part — you cannot go wrong.

Other fabrics like acrylic, fleece, flannel, and bamboo are also used to make weighted blankets, each having their positives and negatives. Knowing how your skin reacts to each of these types of fabrics may also help make the decision process easier.

  New Cooling Technology

Over the years, there has been a surge of people who use weighted blankets.

Although the benefits of the blankets were great, many did not want to compromise comfort in regard to body temperature.  

Today there are many blankets on the market that utilize the latest technology to ensure that blanket temperatures are able to be controlled.

This has rendered the heavy blankets breathable and more comfortable.

Some blankets use technology that removes and carries moisture away from the body to keep it dry and cool. Others use the same technology as heated blankets.  

The prices for some of these blankets that make use of the latest technologies are somewhat pricier, but many may argue that it is well worth it.

  Remove Extra Layers

Are weighted blankets hot? There are many ways to ensure that you stay cool even when using a heavy blanket if it appears too warm.

One of these ways is to strip other unnecessary layers off of you. These may include any extra layers that may be found on or around your bed while sleeping. 

For example, many weighted blankets that are on the market today are manufactured with removable layers to accommodate consumers who may get hot while sleeping.

These blankets usually are constructed with zippers to allow easy access to extra padding and cover that come with the blanket. The removal of these extra layers may help you remain cool at night.

In addition to removing these extra layers, you may also want to strip your bed of any extra bedding material that you may have.

Sleeping with only a bottom sheet and your blanket may eliminate extra heat buildup and help you stay cool.

  Bed Sheets

You may think that your weighted blanket is what’s causing your night sweats, but it may actually be your bed sheets. Sheets — depending on the fabric and material they are made of — can make you sweat, capture body heat, and block air.

The difference between bed sheets and a blanket is that the bed sheet is what is actually comes into direct contact with your skin during the night.

 Therefore, if you are already a “hot sleeper” and the added weight of your blanket is making you sweat, look into what sheet you are using.

The most common fabrics used for bed sheets are linen and percale. Even though linen traps less heat than cotton, percale is even better at helping you stay cool. 

Understanding the different materials sheets are made of may help you obtain the benefits of your blanket while eliminating other factors that may make you hot.

  Staying Hydrated

Experts say that staying hydrated when going to bed will help you get a better night’s sleep. In this case, it will also help you stay cool.

 To avoid having to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, it is not recommended to guzzle large amounts of water. 

A small amount of water will help you not only stay hydrated but remain cool even under your weighted blanket.

Other Ways to Keep Cool

f you have tried all of the above and you still feel that your weighted blanket is keeping you too hot at night, there are some other things that you can try. 

  • Keeping the air in the room where you sleep cool may be paramount in whether you feel hot or cold under your blanket. 
  • Using a fan and or an air conditioner is the easiest way to achieve a cool environment.
  • You may also use cooling gel packs under your blanket. These gel packs can be kept in the refrigerator until you are ready to go to bed. When ready to use, wrap them up in a sheet or towel and place them in the bed with you.
  • Taking a cold shower before bed is another effortless way to lower your body temperature.  

One of the best ways however to keep cool under your blanket without having to make much of an effort is to simply not be totally under your blanket. 

To achieve this, lay the blanket on the core of your body only and leave your extremities out. This will allow the benefits of a weighted blanket but also the possibility of remaining cool.  

Like many, you may be on the fence about purchasing a weighted blanket. You may have heard the pros and cons of such blankets. 

But if you are like many others and have trouble sleeping at night due to various issues, a weighted blanket may be just what you need to help alleviate your symptoms.  

So, are weighted blankets hot? Weighted blankets are not for everyone. However, the benefits that they offer may outweigh the fact that they may keep you overly warm at times. 

\If your blanket is too hot, the tips above can give you peace of mind that you can enjoy your blanket and still keep your body temperature at your desired level.   

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